Dr Nishtha Mishra

I am an internationally published author of the book entitled "The Feminist Shaw" which has been published by Routledge, UK, and the USA. I was born to Professor mother and Doctor father. I am a Doctorate holder in English Literature and the recipient of Gold Medals for being the topper of the Graduation and Post Graduation Courses. I have been the recipient of Prestigious UGC PG RANK HOLDER Fellowship. I have also published 3 National anthologies of poetry entitled An Address to Indian Patriarchy, Cupid's Humming, and Poetic Musings with Agnieya respectively. I have 10 Internationally acclaimed Research Papers and 8 International Citations for 4 of my research papers. I am NET qualified and have worked as an Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty) at the University of Allahabad from 2016-to 2020. My articles have been published in the columns and editorials of Daily Newspapers like Hindustan Times and JagMarg. I write both in English and Hindi. I am also a Graduate in Psychology and had been the subject topper in it as well as in Geography. I had developed a standardized Personality Development Scale in Graduation along with my team members.

Voice of Dr Nishtha Mishra

The Lost Old School Art Of Writing Love Letters And Postcards

This is the thing about thoughtful gifts – there is a significant meaning attached to them, that makes them as precious and priceless as a family heirloom.

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How My MIL Shrewdly Starved Me While I Was A Breastfeeding Mom To Take Control Over Our Lives

My wake-up call came when my daughter was 3 and a half months old, and my breastmilk dried out for two consecutive feeds leaving her hungry.

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Who Asks For Consent Of Wife To Make Her Pregnant? She Didn’t Want It So I Did ‘Dhappa’!

We need to speak of marital rapes not just because they are sexual violence, but also because of the unwanted pregnancy forced on a women.

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How Can We Justify Ravan Dahan For Dussera When 11 Ravans Are Roaming Free?

A rapist is a rapist! A rapist has no caste because terrorism has no caste; no religion. It is high time we acknowledge rape for what it is! An Act of Terrorism!

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Dignity Of Labour
Dignity Of Labour — House-Helpers Are The Essential Pillar Of Society

Dai was originally intended to denote a midwife, someone who used to assist women in childbirth with the experience and expertise of previous generations. Similarly, an Aya was originally supposed to be a nanny who can assist the new mother with child-rearing.

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Questioning The Modesty Of A Young Professor’s Attire Is Workplace Sexual Harassment

The recent forced resignation of an Assistant Professor from the reputed St Xavier's University of Kolkata has brought focus on the face of the Work Place Sexual Harassment Scenario in Academia.

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Why Do We Hesitate To Name Our Daughters Draupadi?

I, too, wanted to name my daughter Yagyasaini after Draupadi but the opposition I faced was too strong, and I had to settle down for a name meaning Agni which, however, was met with equally strong opposition by my MIL.

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The Potential Dangers Of Phallus-Worshipping A Toddler

Relatives kissing children's penises made me wonder how this is leaving boys vulnerable to potential abuse under the garb of affection.

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The Way Media Depicts Sexual Assault Survivors Further Perpetuates Rape Culture

Media's depiction of rape survivors as helpless, tormented women perpetuates rape culture by showing predators that women cannot fight back.

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From Screech To Scratch: The Epic Misadventure Of Learning Driving In India

A humorous account of learning to drive on Indian roads. From traffic rules violation to stray cows, this story will make you laugh and nod.

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How My Mother’s Red Bindi And HMT Wristwatch Became My Feminist Symbols

My mother's red bindi and wristwatch became my feminist symbols as she taught me to stand up to discrimination, be independent, and be kind.

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