Cooking Is Child’s Play

Posted: July 20, 2011

A tornado in the kitchen? Fun way to get a kid to eat? Great way to bond with a child? Cooking with kids is one or all of these!

This month, Women’s web’s fun contest for all our readers, is “Cooking is Child’s Play”. For all food bloggers and interested cooks out there, the contest runs from 20th July to 1st August. Read on for more details and don’t forget to send in your entries on time!

The Women’s Web Cooking is Child’s Play Contest

WHAT: Let’s make Cooking child’s play – write an interesting recipe that you can cook WITH a child.

HOW to send your entry:

1. Write a post on your own blog or website. Make sure you include the contest logo (code, below) in your entry and include a link to this article. Once you are done, post a comment below providing us with a link to your post.

2. If you don’t have a blog, but you’re on Facebook – write a note on Facebook – and make sure you tag us (@womensweb) – so that we can track your entry. (Don’t know how to write a note? Here’s help).

3. Don’t have a blog and not a fan of Facebook? Email us your entry (as a word doc, and images as jpegs) to

By WHEN? Contest open from 20th July to 1st August (9 p.m. IST)

THE PRIZES Entries will be judged based on how innovative your recipe is, the kid-friendliness as well as how interestingly you present it (your writing, photographs etc).

1. The 1st prize is celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s drool-worthy hardcover Kitchen: Recipes From The Heart Of The Home

2. Two 2nd prize winners receive Ratna Rajaiah’s ‘unabashed and wonderful ode’ to simple Indian food, How The Banana Goes To Heaven

What’s more, all 3 winning entries also get a funky kids’ apron from Oysterkids (customised with child’s name, if you like). The premium Oyster Kids range, is aimed at parents who want something different and unique for their children. From basic items such as paint bags, aprons and blankets to personalised products made just the way you want it for you child, Oyster Kids has it all.

Contest Rules

– 1 Entry per person
– Contest open to readers around the world, but at the moment, we can only send prizes to a valid address in India.
– Blog posts that don’t link to this contest page + use the contest code, and Facebook Notes that don’t tag our Facebook page will not be eligible for prizes.

Spread the word! Make sure you include this code on your post!


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  1. Hi,
    Sounds great!
    I had some queries – is it open to all women? Is there any kind of images that the contest requires specifically?

  2. Hi Kshitija – sure, it’s open to everyone. We don’t need any specific images, though you are welcome to include any photos you have relevant to your recipe (while making it etc).

  3. My entry to the contest is linked in from

    Couldn’t figure out how to get the widget onto every page though.

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely entry, Sangitha! To get the widget on to your contest entry, simple copy the code into your wordpress post editor – the logo will automatically appear.

  5. HAi Dear

    Thanks for your mail..Will surely send you my post for you..

  6. Hai Dear

    Thanks for having such a lovely contest…I am crazy about nigella,Hope i am lucky enough to win this..Check out my recipe for your event

  7. Thanks for ur message..Can’t wait to hear the winner…Will love if its me..

  8. Thanks for ur message..Can’t wait to hear the winner…Will love if its me..

  9. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this contest, this provided me a motivation to start writing my recipe. Finally, I am on the voyage to do something, I like and adore.

    Here is the link:

  10. I am unable to post the code and link, please tell me the solution to it asap. I dont want my entry to be void.

  11. Richa – simply copy the code at the end of the contest page – and paste it into your blog editor as part of your post. It will show up as an image with a link. Thanks for your entry!

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