The Myths Around Love Marriage

A huge confusion out of other thousand and odd confusions for Gen Z women is choosing between love marriage and arranged marriage. Right off the bat, I would like to dispel one myth: No matter whether you had a love marriage or an arranged marriage, after tying the knot he becomes your husband while you become his wife.

Let’s try to understand why there has been a surge in love marriages in the recent past. One most visible reason that comes to the girls’ minds is that “You should get to know each other if you want to spend the rest of your lives together.” I completely get it. Then, my question to those girls is why there is a humungous rise in the divorce cases of love marriages.

Plotholes in getting to know each other

Of all the cases I have seen, girls get deceived by the impracticality of the theory of knowing each other.

Just try to imagine, you had a date and the guy turns up with a boxer or a loose hanging pajama and a torn or sleeveless shirt with shabby hair, an untrimmed moustache, and stinking breath. Would you consider that date memorable? No right?

Mind you, when you get married, your husband will not wear the best clothes in his wardrobe every day. You would be seeing him wearing pajamas or a lungi with a torn shirt( probably) almost all the time. It is because, he will be going to the office in the morning and return to home by dusk, having a shower, and changing into nightwear.

The second fallacy in the theory of knowing each other is that you don’t see your would-be significant other while they are under extreme stress. Imagine, you had a date and the guy at the other end of the table is simmering and scowling at you.

Would you consider that date as a memorable experience? No right? You ditch or ghost that guy. But you cannot do that to your husband when he grims at you after having a bad day at his office.

My advice to the readers

There is a list of endless fallacies in the process of dating. This is because dating is a process that is done in the comfort of the individuals. But, a committed relationship always pushes you out of your comfort zone. You might think that I am against love marriages. No, I am against the hypocrisies that revolve around love marriages.

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At last, I end with a note to all my girl readers that a responsible man would become a loving husband and a guiding fatherly light for your child.


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