The SHE Avatars

I saw this post go viral on social media during Dasara (Dussehra).

Unknown source

I was moved by how well various roles of women in the society, are brought out in the image. At the same time, I perceive this differently.

All the avatars of Devi (goddess) came into existence when she decided to change things herself – whether it was killing a demon or bringing prosperity. Mythology has always inspired women to identify and nurture the strength within us.

It’s not just Prayers, it’s time to ACT.

The Woman in me speaks:

  • Let the Durga in me, not succumb to anyone’s pressure to abort a child.
  • Let the Saraswathi in me, take responsibility to educate an underprivileged child.
  • Let the Lakshmi in me, guide me to be financially independent.
  • Let the Parvathi in me, shatter the system of dowry or ‘so-called gifts’ – in cash & kind!!!
  • Let the Shakthi in me, train in self-defense.
  • Let the Kali in me, break the stigma of skin tones!!!

People contest that, the effect- the decades of patriarchy has had on Women’s self-worth and confidence cannot be erased in a short span of time.

I say – it’s all about making a decision & women supporting each other in this journey.

The day we realize that, the goddess is in us, we will no longer pray for things to change, instead will muster the courage to change things ourselves!

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Art created by @whenlifegivesyoupaint for @afaujismagpie 


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