Parents : A Precious Gift that deserves our Care and Attention

Parents: A Precious Gift that deserves our Care and Attention.




Blog: The Pain of Abandoning Old Age Parents.


As we grow up, we often forget the sacrifices our parents made for us. They gave us everything they had, and never asked for anything in return. They worked hard to provide us with a better life, and all they wanted was for us to be happy. However, as we grow older, we tend to forget the love and care they showed us. We become busy with our own lives, and sometimes, we forget to take care of our aging parents. This is a painful reality for many senior citizens who are left alone by their grown-up children.


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Many old-age parents are abandoned by their children, and it is heartbreaking to see them alone and helpless. They feel neglected and unwanted, and it’s a difficult situation to be in. They may have health issues, but they have no one to take care of them. They may be lonely, but they have no one to talk to. They may feel lost, but they have no one to guide them. This is a tragic reality that many seniors face.


Imagine your parents, who have always been there for you, are now alone and helpless. They are at an age where they are completely dependent on their children, but in return, their children tend to forget what their parents did their whole life for them and leave them for their selfishness. How would you feel? It’s a difficult question to answer, but it’s a reality that many seniors face.


The pain of abandoning old age parents is a reality that is difficult to ignore. It’s a situation that requires empathy, compassion, and understanding. We must remember that our parents are not a burden, but a blessing. They are the ones who gave us life, and they deserve our love and care.


We must ask ourselves, what kind of society are we living in, where we abandon our aging parents? What kind of values are we teaching our children, when we neglect our parents? We must remember that our parents are not disposable, but valuable members of our society. They have contributed to our lives, and they deserve our respect and care.


In the words of the famous author, Mitch Albom, “The way you treat your parents is the way your children will treat you.” We must remember that our actions have consequences, and the way we treat our parents will have a lasting impact on our children.



In conclusion, we must remember that our parents are precious gifts, and we must cherish them. We must take care of them, and show them the love and respect they deserve. We must not forget the sacrifices they made for us, and we must repay them with kindness and compassion. Although, nobody can ever repay what parents did for their children. We must create a society where aging parents are not abandoned, but are valued and cared for. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to never abandon our parents, and to always be there for them, just as they were always there for us.


– By Joshita Bose


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