The Joy Of Solitude :Discovering The beauty of Being Alone

Do you ever feel lonely? It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there. But sometimes, we mistake loneliness for solitude. While solitude can be a peaceful and reflective experience, loneliness is the exact opposite. It’s a feeling of emptiness, negativity, and depression that can be hard to shake off. Even when surrounded by family and friends, you can still feel trapped in this lonely coexistence.

I am not a loner but someone who enjoys her solitude … A Solitudinarian !

I do enjoy solo dates , alone in a café munching some freebies and browsing through books …Left stranded on a hilltop with cool breeze flowing , internet and a laptop for connecting with the world remotely !!

Do I sound Insane ? To Many Yes ,But honestly there are people like me on this planet who want exactly this kind of reflective environment for them… Miles away from the chaos of the machine life to recharge our inner batteries and regain the strength .

Does it mean that my kind of tribe doesn’t enjoy in a group or in that moment of eternal laugh and joy , I will walk off from the room like an Angry Bachchan !! No , Definitely No … Come On , Who would not love spending time with like minded family or friends ??

I rather would like to Ask ….Do you ever feel like you have to sacrifice your inner peace to be around people? If its a YES , then I am afraid you are with wrong people who don’t let be You .

As someone like me who values my calm and peace ,my space I used to struggle with this. But I’ve come to realize that finding like-minded friends and family can actually bring so much positivity and warmth into your life. It doesn’t mean I have to compromise my values or lose my calm to be around with people . We all have to chose the gang which brings the best out in us than making us feel secluded or lonely .

Even if you accidently end with some busybody , you can tactfully avoid and find solace in music , plants and wine !! Its that simple …Rather than spoiling mood or taste enjoy your own company !!..Howz That ??

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Friends , I feel its not that bad idea to have a me time or finding eternal peace in your own company … We often get judged in case we don’t act like a social butterfly or for not blabbering constantly ….Don’t brand people as loners or aloof or depressed ..Its someone’s own preference and judgement to be with you shaking a leg in that moment or being part of your endless chatter … perhaps that person just wants to sit at the window sill gazing stars … Let Them Be …The Real , Unfiltered ..We need more real and authentic people without layers on Earth !!!


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