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The Umbrella Story


                                  By Debasmita Padhi

          It was a rainy day. The roads were empty as hell. The sounds of crickets and insects were clearly heard. I could see the water bubbles all around the main street of my residence. There were no track of human beings from distance, not even a single bird was seen. Then out of nowhere I sensed some movement through the bushes near my den. What I witnessed was a giant creature popping its head. The ground was shaking as it was a wetland due to the monsoon weather. Still I could feel something approaching me. I was terrified. What thing it could be. I Was wandering constantly out of possibilities and my own imaginations. Could it be the robbers who steal food items at night or is this a sign of my enemy attacking me? I was constantly overthinking every possible scenarios in my head.

                               But Lo! It was a huge , greenish frog , the living beings I am most disgusted of. The creature hovered around my umbrella, with a shaking heart. I could undoubtedly hear the thumping sound of the frog. It suddenly jumped onto me. I was startled, shivering. As these are the tiny creatures I was most scared of. I pretended not to be bothered by it. But something was strange and I was not the only one who was trembling. It was the giant frog too! As it was drenched in rain all over its body and water droplets were visibly bothering the scared living being. It looked miserable. I gathered up my courage and saw the frog trembling in fever. I felt pity upon the innocent being and offered my tiny umbrella to it.

                                 But the frog was startled by my intervention and was constantly moving and jumping around. I felt agitated by the mere presence of the creature. Something was off with me. I realized my inner temptations, which was my true nature.

                       The umbrella I was talking about is my fang!! I am a black Cobra, was eagerly waiting for my prey to come out of its shell and finally I have it now. I could not control myself.i tried my best not to but I finally gulped down the frog in my throat. As I could not resist the temptation to eat my prey. As I am a SNAKE which quenches its thirst and lives by swallowing FROGS.


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