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7 Ways To Unleash The Potential In You!

Here are 7 ways to unleash the potential in you! Practising these emotional health tips will bring out the tigress in you!

Here are 7 ways to unleash the potential in you! Practising these emotional health tips will bring out the tigress in you!

Women’s Day has come and gone, and so are the adulations and congratulatory notes we received that Day. And we are back to square one, managing home, work, and kids by multitasking. Playing different roles of a daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister, or friend comes easily to us. Still, in most cases, appreciation for our work comes intermittently or sometimes never.

India is the only country wherein women were worshipped as goddesses, and an appropriate place was given to women in our history or mythology. But over time, when India had entered the dark ages under various invasions, the women’s role in society was reduced, and she was relegated to the house only.

The culprits for this change are political instability, different societal conditions, male chauvinism, or whatever reason we may like. But whatever the reason, women didn’t like it and revolted then.

And our fight is still continuing to get equal status in all aspects.

How to unleash the potential in yourself?

Instead of waiting for somebody else to support us, we need to find the tigress that’s sleeping within ourselves and unleash that tigress if we want good emotional health and stability.

Practising the following emotional health tips would bring out the tigress in you, unleashing your true potential. These tips will help you in forging ahead in your life and career.

Take time for yourself

Every person has to take time out for themselves to unwind. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we must always do the chores in the house and provide for everyone in the family. Enlist the help of family members and take time out for yourself whenever you are tired or sick.

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Even otherwise, it’s good to allocate some time for yourself daily to unwind with your favourite music, books, or shows.

Keep Inventing and rediscovering yourself

Age is no barrier to learning and improving oneself. Research proved that people who are continuously learning always have better mental health. So allocate some time daily to find out about your true inner aspirations or passions so that you can understand them.

Start practising those hobbies that you left a long time back. Once you start inventing or improving yourself, you can notice visible changes in your happiness levels within a short period.

Practice gratitude and kindness

The next step is to practice gratitude and spread kindness around you. The research reported that people who forgive and forget have higher satisfaction and better mental health. So adopting gratitude into your daily rituals is going to balance your emotions to a great extent.

Being thankful for the different situations or the curveballs life throws at you instead of getting stuck in self-pity thoughts will bring the spark back into your life.

Release mental barriers

The surrounding society always acts with some or other pre-conceived notions, which may be true or not. But as an individual, you must rise above the barriers and set the path for the younger generation, who would like to look up to you as a role model.

So, start practising a positive mindset, rise above yourself, and surround yourself with people having goals in life. That way, you can push each other to achieve your goals. Research proved that people who work towards a goal have better mental health when compared to others.

Empower yourself

Before you start practising self-love, you need to understand yourself and begin taking control of your life. Empowerment doesn’t just mean having a career for yourself or earning. Of course, having a career is good, as it will improve your confidence levels.

But for some, it might not be possible, so they have to start taking their life into their control and not remain as dependent on somebody else. That is the true meaning of empowerment.

Practice self-love

Accept yourself first and start loving yourself. Being mindful of your thoughts and converting them into positive ones will allow you to appreciate yourself more.

Journaling will allow you to come out of negative thoughts and influences, as writing will let you pour all your thoughts without inhibitions. Once those negative feelings have been vented out, it’s easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel in any problematic situation.

Be socially active

Have your own girl gang, with whom you can share your feelings without any inhibitions. With the advent of social media, the world has become a social village; hence, it’s easier to find a group that shares your interests online.

Research proved that having a BFF gang improves one’s emotional health. Those of you who have the privilege of having the BFF gang in the same city/locality can meet once in a while to unwind.


I hope you liked the tips to bring out the tigress in you and will start practising them soon.

In case if you have any comments or suggestions, do shoot them to me, and I look forward to your views on this.

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