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Women in power

Women in professions are always believed to be women in power. So if we talk about the professional journey of Indian women, from being spellbound homemakers, we have reached mars and got the moon down on our feet. Embracing our hats of doctors, scientists, architects, professors, engineers, etc, We are here, there and everywhere where you seek. On this International Women’s day, I want to confess facts and proficiencies of our gender which are yet to be acknowledged. Here I am using a story about my unconsidered professional lady, Sabeena didi. She’s my house help coming to my doom everyday sharp at 8am, she gives me a tick-tock of the exact time in my clock. 


Sabeena is a thin lady wearing cotton saree having 3 kids has traveled all the from West Bengal with her husband to support her family’s finances.Going door to door everyday for her work ( almost 4 houses a day) and creating a livelihood for herself is her biggest goal in her early 30’s. Cleaning, dusting and washing her major fortays. She calls me Bhabhi and keeps saying “Ji”, “haanji”, “ho gaya”, all synonyms of Yes whenever I order her any household task with an electrifying smile.  


While I was reading ‘30 Women in power’ by Naina Lal Kidwai it gave a spark of inspiration about all a woman has achieved while struggling at home, juggling at work and giggling at her destiny. Believe me you actually know only 3% of a woman inside your house, rest is still an agony mystery of ebb and flow leading to success (sometimes failure) of her journey. 


One afternoon I was talking to her while she was cleaning my room,as her electrifying smile was lost somewhere. 


Bhabhi: didi aaj muh utra hua hai. Kya hua? 

(what happened to you? ) Sabeena didi: Kuch nahi (no,no)

Bhabhi: Nahi kuch toh hua hai.(something is bothering you) 

Sabeena didi: nahi bhabhi. (Nothing)

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I touched her body, it was burning hot with fever. 

Bhabhi : Why have you come for work, you should have stayed at home in this condition. 

 Sabeena didi: I need to work for my family, can’t take leaves for my illness. (Scared for salary deductions if she took leaves)


Though I gave her medicines,but Her words shook me inside and made me realize how easily I messaged my Head of department every time I was planning a leave. And here she is, my iconic empowered woman who is battling her each day to empower her family with funds. 


Each profession Is powerful, serving each corner of the society. Each job has its own glory. During the time of covid-19 lockdown, we all women had a miserable time in the kitchen without our house help, we missed their presence in every task of the house. Got a zone to understand their importance.

I feel this section of the society that for decades these women have been generating money for themselves by doing any job or odd one to make other’s lives even. This is actually showcasing the ancient slogan saying “joining shoulder to shoulder”. When one hand is not able to fulfill the requirements then join more to accomplish needs. 

Another major learning for so called hypocrite society where still a woman cannot go out and earn. We must have reached mars but still need to acquire much more on this earth to make it a better place to live.  


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