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The crisp top stuck to Preeti’s skin as she ascended the stairs. Glimpses from the past flashed before her with every step she took.

“Look who’s here. Miss Lanky and Unfeminine,” her once so-called friend Ruth had sneered. The girls giggled and made Preeti cringe in embarrassment.
It was their last day at school. It was the most-coveted farewell. She had draped her mother’s green-colored saree. Something she had her eye on since she was a child. She looked at her reflection admiringly for a long time before she stepped out of her room that morning. Her mother had applied a black dot behind her ear to prevent her from getting jinxed. But those remarks from someone who always sought her help sent her happiness gushing down the drain. She felt ugly. She felt unworthy. She didn’t wait even for a second. She rushed to her home and locked herself in the room away from the snide stares of all.

Years flew. The dates in the calendar changed. But the mindset of people remained the same.
“Hold on to the pole lest you will drift away like a dry leaf.” “Have one more piece. You are blessed and will never put on weight.” Under the garb of harmless fun, she was pierced with derogatory remarks almost every day. Ignoring everyone, she tried to focus on her studies. She graduated with flying colors and got placed in one of the top firms. Being surrounded by professionals, she hoped that the work atmosphere would provide her with the elusive peace and comfort. But the workplace was toxic.

 “Why do you undergo a full body check-up? You must be having some deficiency. You seem malnourished.” suggested one of her colleagues.

“You are not strong enough to bear a child. You must work on yourself and try to be feminine if you know what I mean,” said another colleague and winked at her.

Tears rolled in her eyes. Emotions that were woven as words churned in her heart but failed to find their way out of her vocal cord. Without uttering a word, she walked away. Those venomous remarks remained deep-seated in her mind. Self-doubt took seed in her heart. With time it spread its branches all over her existence and paved the way to hatred. Not wanting to put up with such obnoxious people anymore, she decided to give up her job.

The next morning, she walked into her boss Shamili’s cabin and handed her the envelope. Her boss took her time and read the letter. A few minutes later, she folded the letter and placed it on the table. A subtle smile escaped her lips. Preeti felt offended.

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“I never took you for weak and cowardly,” remarked Shamili.
Something triggered Preeti. She formed a fist. Her eyes turned red and widened.
“Whom are you angry at? Me, your colleagues, or yourself?” asked Shamili.
Preeti lowered her gaze and sat still.
“Offering your resignation is not a solution to any of your problems. Work on yourself. Strengthen your mind. Calm your soul. Love yourself. Open the windows of your heart and usher happiness into your life. Take some time and think. If you still want to leave, I will not stop you,” smiled Shamili.

Preeti left the room more confused than ever. The day was spent in contemplation. Shamili’s words had a profound impact on her. She decided to grab the bull by its horn. Facing the monster head-on was the only option that seemed viable.

A week later, she joined a gym. Everyone’s gaze was fixated on her that morning. Under the trainer’s guidance, she stepped onto a thread mill, and heard a voice, “Why did you join a gym? You are already so thin.” A middle-aged woman grinned at her.

“I just want to focus on my fitness,” she said. But the woman wasn’t satisfied with the response. Slowly, she had begun weight training. That eventually became the favorite part of her day. With every drop of sweat she shed, she rediscovered herself. She also made a few friends. Upon conversation with them, she realized that just like her none of them were happy with how they looked. And, something struck her. It was a tiny spark of epiphany. She finally realized her purpose. She spoke to her parents about her decision. Her mother was reluctant and said that she was twenty-seven and that getting married must be her priority. But her father’s eyes twinkled with joy. He promised to support her and stood by her throughout the journey.

Three years later, she was a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer. Online courses were a blessing indeed. She joined a gym as a part-time trainer but wasn’t happy with its functioning. So she decided to open a wellness center. A center that focused on the overall well-being of a person. Not just weight loss or weight gain. She had a perfect plan but she didn’t have the money needed to execute it. She applied for loans only to get rejected. On seeing her disturbed, Shamili asked, “What is troubling you?”
Preeti’s idea amazed Shamili. She promised to speak to a few financiers. Six months later, one of the financiers agreed to fund her project. Preeti was overjoyed.

Preeti collaborated with a therapist as she wanted to focus on both the physical and mental health of her clients.
A few months later, a board with the words “Be Yourself Wellness Centre with the tagline EveryBODY Can” printed in bold and pink shone under the warm yellow light. Initially, not many showed interest and there was a lull. But a year later, the center thrived with clients from all over the city. Preeti has been busier than ever.

The keys jingled. Preeti was jolted to the present. A trip to the past made her realize that she had come a long way. But there were still lives that were waiting to be painted with happiness. She would try her best to sprinkle the magic concoction of faith, hard work, and self-belief on as many as possible. Slowly. One day at a time.

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