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Naming A Cockroach After Your Ex & Other Interesting Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day!

Why should Valentine's Day only be about the happy couples? Here are some quirky ways to celebrate Valentines Day for single people.

Valentine’s Day is only for schmaltzy, fuzzy, hopeless romantics, right? Well, not if you decide to name a cockroach after your ex and then have said cockroach fed to a zoo animal on said day! This apparently is an annual tradition at a Texas Zoo, and one that doubles as a fundraiser. I am happily married, but this one made me go, Hey, good idea! And believe you me, this is not the only great idea for unique ways to celebrate Valentines Day.

Name a cockroach and feed it to a zoo animal

Image source – Instagram

It’s a good cause, people! Plus, you get closure for a past relationship. Plus, you get to deliver a pointed insult to that used-to-be-someone-special! So apparently for the payment for $5 to 25, the zoo lets you name a cockroach after that ex. The ex will also receive a digital ‘Valentine greeting’ telling them about the singular honour of having an exoskeletal being named after them.

Those willing to pay extra can get an ‘upgrade’. Here the ex would receive a video of the zoo animal actually consuming the cockroach, rodent or vegetable. The comments pointed out that one can do this for free – by naming any random cockroach. Another comment wanted to know what the zoo would charge to feed their actual ex to a zoo animal.

Strange traditional ways to celebrate Valentines Day around the world

Image source – wanderlust

In South Korea, chocolate is exchanged. Those that received no chocolate, get together and ‘celebrate’ with black noodles a couple of months later. In parts of Scandinavia, they send funny little poems (gaekkebrev) to the object of their affections and people have to guess who sent the poem.

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In Estonia the celebrate the day as Sōbrapäev, which is more about friendship and family love than romantic love. In France neighbours would pair off on Valentine’s Day and if things didn’t end well, there would be a bonfire for all the items belonging to the ex. In Slovenia, birds offer clues to one’s Valentine.

Gifts for yourself

Who says the flowers, chocolates, jewellery has to be for someone else? A woman can as easily dress up for herself, buy herself the things she likes and simply celebrate herself. Remember what they say IF you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, don’t be sad. Most people don’t have AIDS on AIDS Day either.


15 February has come to be observed as Singles Awareness Day (someone with a sense of irony chose the name which abbreviates to S.A.D.). Chocolates and flowers are astronomically expensive on 14th Feb – why not buy them on 15th instead and celebrate life and self-love?

Being gracious on Valentine’s Day

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There can be a lot of anger and hurt and pain at the end of a relationship. However, letting go can be cathartic. Forgiveness can bring closure. Being the mature person can actually help with personal growth. Sending out gracious, generous message like one of these, rather than something filled with anger and hurt can be a great way to extract something good even out of something bad. Sure, honour the pain, but maybe remember the good as well? Don’t forget, but maybe forgive so that the person no long has any power over us? Chalk it down to experience and move on?

Maybe letting go this Valentine’s Day can be a significant step towards forgiving not only the opposite person – but ourselves as well? Because if we regain a semblance of peace and self-love this Valentine’s Day, it will be a Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

Do you have any other quirky, interesting ways to celebrate Valentines Day that you would like to share?

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