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How I Re-Started My Career After Becoming A New-Mom!

I was a teaching professional before the pandemic who had become a full-time mom with no helping hand! Then started looking for WFH jobs!

When I was pregnant by 5 months, lockdown hit the world. I was scared and confused. Like me, everyone on this planet has gone through this phase of anxiety during the lockdown period. As I love reading and watching informative videos and tutorials, I started discovering how the world is changing.

Before delivering a baby, I was planning to have a side hustle. Like every young woman, I was dreaming of having a work-life balance, work from home job. I was unaware of the struggles of a new mom. I was daydreaming like anything.

Advices are many, but help nowhere!

On August 2020, I delivered a cute little daughter and a roller coaster ride of my emotions started. When you have your first baby, everyone comes to give free advice, and I was not an exception. From feeding the baby to having good sleep and health issues, I had gone through many challenges.

How to handle a baby?

How to feed?

What to feed?

Baby care videos were the new playlists in my YouTube feed. I was a teaching professional before the pandemic and had become a full-time mom with no helping hand in the family as my mother-in-law is aged and weak. I was enjoying motherhood at the cost of my freedom.

Phases of baby growth

My baby was like any other healthy baby. She learned to sit when she was 8 months old. Her teeth started to grow when she was nine months old. I started giving liquid foods to her for 8 months. I stopped feeding them when she was 15 months old. Finally, she started walking when she was 15 months old.

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I started to reduce dependencies like feeding or cradling for hours. When she was 1.5 years old, I stopped to make her sleep in the cradle and started making her sleep in bed with me.

It was a new habit and I struggled for 15 days to make this happen. Because cradling stopped me to focus on other household work and made me busy every time, I took that decision.

How I started a second career?

I started looking for work-from-home jobs. Thanks to the pandemic, this trend has helped many new moms like me. I was a very good reader and writer, so I started for looking internships for writing positions.

With God’s grace, I was selected as an intern as a creative content writer in a firm in March 2022. My daughter was 1.5 years old at that time.

I had to spend 2 to 3 hours daily on the tasks. I was adapting myself to this change. After completing an internship of three months, I received a job offer with a very low salary.

I did not want to miss this opportunity as the position was a content writer work-from-home position. On June 2022, I started my career as a Content Writer at a company.

Today I have 10 months of experience in writing articles on different niches. I have some freelance clients. All my hard work is paying off now, and I am happy. I want to say that, never give up. Start hustling and you will find your way one day. Be consistent and have patience.

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