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Bachelors’ March: No Girl Child Today Means No Bride, Tomorrow!

Bachelors' March is a direct result of female foeticide! A shortage of women in Mandya, made single men come up with a bizarre solution!

Bachelors’ March is a direct result of female foeticide! A shortage of women in Mandya, Karnataka has made it’s local single men population come up with a bizarre solution!

Suffering from a dearth of eligible girls due to a history of female foeticide, it seems that Indian men have taken a leaf out of the Universal Girls’ Handbook and are banding together to protect themselves from the harsh reality of the world.

Where is Bachelors’ March happening?

Located close to Mysuru, Mandya district in Karnataka is reportedly witnessing an acute shortage of brides today. To counter this, the single men have come up with a bizarre solution called ‘Brahmacharigala Padayatre’ or a bachelors’ march.

Around 200 men decided to undertake the 105 km padayatra to the Male Mahadeshwara Hills temple in Chamrajanagar in the hope of getting a bride. The purpose of this march is to collectively seek blessings from the temple deity to find them a woman to marry.

Why is there a need for a Bachelors’ March?

As an agricultural district with a great population of farmers and field workers, Mandya district has a history of female foeticide. If only there was some old adage that could predict that actions have consequences.

The gender discrimination and aversion to having girl children have inevitably led to a decline in the population of women in the district. Over time, while there is a dwindling number of brides, the eligible ones choose to marry more accomplished men from bigger cities, the single men lament and blame it on 

A girl child is not born to be a man’s bride! And why should she get married to a man and settle down in a notorious society that wanted her dead in the womb? 

Oh, the misery!

It is indeed a bleak time for the menfolk, and oh, the misery. They must be realizing what it feels like to look for an emotionally available man on Tinder.

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Even to the best of my comprehensive capacities! I am unable to fathom in what world, after rampant female foeticide at birth, could lead to a magical blossoming of adult women out of nowhere when it comes to marriage. 

What would praying now even do? Gods are not that powerful!

The crime has already been committed! 

What indeed is the reason? When what we ultimately realize after committing such crimes is that the girl child is just as important for everything. At birth, in the workplace and at home, when both men and women are the collective bearers of civilization, then why this prejudice?

I’d attempt to conclude with a harsh lesson, but it seems the boys are already realizing it, or are they pretending to realize? Now, what about the emotionally unavailable guys on Tinder?

Do we also have to carry out a march to seek blessings for that?

Image source: Still from Amzon Prime, Panchayat, edited on CanvaPro

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