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Women Work To Feel Alive, Not Just For Money!

Household chores or earning for the home, work is work be it at home or office, how does it matter who does what as long as it is shared?

A lot is being said to the working women especially after they get married. Firstly, I would like to mention that even a housewife is a working woman, the only difference is that she doesn’t get paid. I would not go into details as that’s an overall different topic. Now, coming back to the working women, why are they always targeted?

Working women always get to hear, “itne bhi kya paise kamane, paise kamati hai na isliye itna attitude hai, jab dekho kaam kaam… uski bahu job karti hai na isliye kaam nahi karti ghar mein!” (Why do you need to earn? That’s why you show so much attitude. All the time only work, work… that daughter in law does a job, so she doesn’t do any work at home!)

There are endless taunts apart from these which a working woman gets on daily basis from her family as well as neighbors and the society.

Women work for things other than money too

Not every woman works for money, there are many different reasons apart from financial freedom which excites and motivates a woman to work.

Let me cite my own example. Money is one of the major factors to work as it makes me independent, but more than that it makes me feel alive. My job is one thing that makes me unconditionally happy. It gives me knowledge, confidence and the right kind of exposure I need to grow as a professional. Writing is my passion but I never wrote/write for money. I write because it makes me satisfied.

My intention is not to disrespect anyone, but to make a point that women do have ambitions and goals in life. Some women are working for their passion, some for their dreams and some to help their family. I have always felt that God has given some extra powers to women, and I have seen women doing wonders in the professional world.

I have heard so many times that it’s a man’s duty to earn money and a woman’s duty to run the family; I mean seriously? In what era are we living? We have adopted so much from western culture but we forgot to adopt the most important thing, which is “equality”.  I feel in other countries apart from India, a man does much more household work than a woman. Work is work be it at home or office, how does it matter who does what?

People, stop abusing and start appreciating.

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Image source: a still from the film Tumhari Sulu

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Smriti Malhotra is a Delhi girl and an avid dreamer. She works at the Embassy of the Republic of Congo by profession but is a writer by passion. She began writing while at school and read more...

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