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A For Anger, B For Bruise, C For Crying, D For Domestic Violence!

Domestic violence doesn't impact the victim only! It affects everyone around the abuser. In this poem, a little boy recalls the first word he learned was, violence!

TW: Violence and emotional abuse

Domestic violence doesn’t impact the victim only! It affects everyone around the abuser. In this poem, a little recollects the first word he learned was — violence!

Violence is the first vocabulary — spoken and learned in whispers behind the thickness of shut doors.

Violence is the continuous flicker of television in a dark room, sometimes.

Violence is calling Ma after a sudden scream.

Violence is also a pair of noise-canceling headphones blasting metal rock.

Violence is a bout of crying while watching a comedy film.

Violence is also the anticipation of reconciliation.

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Violence is a perpetual distraction at school.

Violence is Ma’s generous smile under her bluish eyes.

Violence is opening the door to no one, even after the bell rings multiple times.

Violence is a violent wish to become an adult just for the night.

Violence is the urge to stop violence through violence.

Violence is Baba’s milk, like laughter at a sexist wife joke.

Violence is the temporary pause in violence when guests come over.

Violence is understanding violence before learning to spell it.

Image source: Still from the short film Son Saves Her Mother From Being Abused

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