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7 Wholesome Habits To Grow In 2023

7 Wholesome habits: I have brought to you a list of habits I am growing to embrace in this new year. I am trying to learn them slowly, and gradually, I am trying to make them a part of my life from now onwards.

[ Here are 7 wholesome habits to grow this new year]

The new year has come, and we are all prepared to welcome 2023 with a bang. With the new year arriving at the door, there comes a lot of new things. New hope, new aspirations, new beginnings, new resolutions, new goals, and a lot more.

But what happens when you need to set goals for the new year, as well, as there are a lot more to look within yourself, and find some ways to bring a change in your life? After all, at the beginning of the new year, all you need is to bring change to your lifestyle.

So, how about growing some good, wholesome habits this year in order to achieve a significant change in your life as well as in your lifestyle?

7 Wholesome habits to grow and look forward to in 2023

Here, I have brought to you the seven wholesome habits I am growing to embrace in this new year. I am trying to learn them slowly, and gradually, I am trying to make them a part of my life from now onwards.

Look for the Sun

This is the first thing I write on my year planner. The first habit that I want to embrace in this new year is, looking for the Sun.

Now, you may wonder, what is the Sun? What is the definition of the Sun for you? Well, this definition can vary from person to person.

For some people, the meaning of the Sun is the ray of hope. For some people, the Sun is being happy and content. Also, for some people, the meaning of the Sun can be securing a new job or exploring new places.

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For me, the Sun is a ray of light. For me, the Sun is, being self-confident. For me, the Sun is, gathering enough courage to leave behind and move on.

I define knowing my capabilities and being worthy of myself as my Sun for the year 2023.

Now, I want to ask you, what is your Sun?

3Es: evolve, explore and embrace.

This is the next thing I am going to learn this new year. What is life if you don’t evolve with time and situation? What is life if you don’t explore yourself and go deep within? What is life if you don’t embrace new changes?

So, this new year, try to embrace the small changes that are happening in your life. They all are your teachers and give you wings to fly high. Try to explore yourself and know yourself in a deeper way. Try to evolve with them and grow.

Own your feelings and flaws

This happens to me very often. I remember well that this happened to me for the first time when I was in college. I was going through a lot of emotions altogether; sorrow, grief, loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, all the emotions at the same time.

What happened next was that I couldn’t recognize my feelings. I couldn’t name it.

Yes, this is what you need to do. You have to name your emotions. Whatever the feeling that is coming to you, just feel it. If you are feeling sad, feel it. If you are feeling happy, feel it. If you are feeling lonely, feel it.

Sometimes, it is more important to identify your feeling and accept it than to escape from the feeling. When you will accept it, at first, you can name it. Then slowly, you will be able to overcome this feeling if you don’t want it.

And even if you want to live with your feelings, then why be afraid? Just let it be.

Connect and communicate

This is what I learned from the year 2022. I am grateful to 2022 for giving me a chance to accept my fear and letting me know about my social anxiety in a deeper way.

Then, gradually, I started taking one step at a time to overcome my fear. I am proud to share with you all that now, I am more comfortable talking to people.

I am gradually recovering from social anxiety and guess what, one of my personal achievements of 2022 is from ‘Saying no to the friends who wanted to call me and talk’ to asking them ‘May I call you to please?

So, this is a beautiful habit that you can grow in this new year. Connect to more people and communicate with like-minded friends.

You will feel lighter, trust me.

Let your wings fly

This is an important thing that you need to learn in life. While walking along the road of life, I have come to know that you need to stretch your wings in order to know how far is your sky. And on the way, you will get to know how high you can fly.

I have learned this last year through my experience of starting my podcast and speaking my heart out there.

My podcasting experience gave me a chance to know what I am capable of. I never knew that this way I would be able to overcome my social anxiety though it is not overcome completely, at least to a great extent I have to succeed to accept my fear and overcome it.

Keep learning and living

We should never get tired of learning, right? But at times, you can feel bored or tired of learning new things. It mainly happens for being overactive through the years and kept working more than enough.

I have seen my mother doing that. Throughout her journey of being a successful homemaker, she worked a lot, and even she did that by forgetting to take proper rest and focusing on self-care.

Although I have decided to give new things a try in this new year yet not been involved in lots of things together. I have a short to-do list this year. I want to shrink my work fields this year and concentrate on learning new things. I want to learn whatever I will learn more effectively.

Let the sunshine come in

This is my song of the year. Sounds interesting? Yes, I have chosen this as my anthem for the year 2023. I started working professionally at the end of the last year, but the experience is not as good as I thought it would be.

I am facing a lot of issues and since it’s my first conventional workplace, I am feeling discouraged very often.

At times, I feel tired, stressed, and burned out. I lack the motivation to keep working. Sometimes, I feel this is not what I want to do.

Then, what do I want to do? Well, this is another question to ask yourself frequently. While working on it, sometimes you need to ask yourself what you want to do. What will make your life more beautiful and you will feel satisfied?

What is your priority?

Whenever I ask this question to myself, I find only one answer. “Being calm, taking care of my health and my family members’ health, and having mental peace.”

And whenever I repeat my answer, my inner self keeps whispering this song:

Let the sunshine come in

Let the sunshine come in

Let the sunshine come in

You know what, when you keep singing aloud the song of your heart and dancing your way at the wildest rhythm of your soul, there happens a miracle. That miracle lets you introduce the most important thing in your life. And the same happened to me.

After getting recovered from depression (though I feel I am still recovering), the most important thing that takes the topmost place on my priority list always is my mental health. Whatever it takes me to decide in life, I always choose my mental peace first and that’s an important step in forming wholesome habits.

With this self-belief of conquering my fears and exploring new horizons of life, I embrace the new dawn of the new year.

Let be peace in your every prayer.

Image source: Paco Ramero, free on CanvaPro

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