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6 Student Concessions In India That Young People Can Avail!

There are many perks of being a student, one of them being eligible for exclusive student concessions in India. Take a look.

Being a student in India is not the easiest time in your life, you want to do so many things, but have a limited budget. In this article,  I have created a list of student concessions in India that fellow students can avail!

We Indians love discounts. Otherwise, why would we keep arguing with a vendor over ten rupees dhaniya purchase, bringing our daily routine to a screeching halt? I think it is pointless, but I understand people might be greatly influenced by the idea of how “little drops make a mighty ocean”.

A few ten rupees save can win us a holiday to the Maldives, after all!

What if I tell you, that as an Indian student you can avail discounts that are way more significant than coriander?

Did you know student concessions, in India, can be availed for flights too?

For me, the best part about being an outstation student is returning home. My home time is divided between two cities (No, my parents are still together; I am talking about my native and my residence). Hence, I spend most of my time in air, and dad spends most of his earnings in air. This is where my student discount comes to my rescue.

Most leading airlines in India provide student concessions to individuals who are affiliated to a recognized University. The offers vary from airline to airline, like for instance Spicejet provides a 10% discount on the base fare of the flight, and 10 kg additional allowance to the usual 15 kg check-in. Air India already has a 25 kg baggage allowance, hence, they provide just a heavy discount of 25% on the base fare.

It is advised that you check the website of the airline, and read the terms and conditions carefully before booking the flight. However, all the airlines requires that you MUST carry the hard copy of the original ID card issued by your school/university.

Getting a student concession in India for train ride might be a bit tricky

IRCTC does offer student discount to daily passengers, as well as outstation students travelling home. But, is restricted to just offline bookings, and includes a long, tedious process.

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As a student, first you need to apply for student concession at your institution, get it signed by higher authority like your HOD. Next, bring it to the railway office to surrender your fully paid ticket in exchange for a student concession, and refund.

You do get a 50% discount, but there are catches to it:

  • You get it only when you are travelling from your institute’s place to your hometown., and return.
  • It is applicable only for I-Tickets (physical booking), and not E-bookings.
  • It is applicable only to Sleeper class (S), and 2nd Seating class.

If you are a college student in Mumbai, you can get your monthly/quarterly pass for 1st or 2nd class by submitting your signed application form at the booking counter.

Is there concession on electronic gadgets?

With the technology bringing forth new opportunities to learn, electronic gadgets have long surpassed the status of “wants”. It is now a “need”. But along with them comes costs that are beyond the affordability of students, especially unemployed ones.

Keeping their market base in mind, leading brands from across the globe like Apple, HP, Samsung, etc. give student discounts.

For example: Samsung has a separate student advantage programme that allows 10% discount on multiple electronic devices like Laptop, tablet, phones, etc.

Apple’s initiative is called Apple Education and includes not just students, but even parents, and teachers across all grades. They offer hefty slash to pricing, and includes additional service and support of AppleCare+.

Sounds lucrative, right?

Yes, I nearly checked the dollar to INR conversion on an iPad, when I discovered this rebate.

Educational concessions

Continuing my point on technology and education from above, once you have the access, it is expected of one to keep upgrading their skills.

Online learning platforms like Coursera, or Udemy, has multiple courses offered by multiple leading from universities across the world. They are self-faced, and holds legitimacy when presented in work settings.

They have vast student assistance. If you are able to prove to Coursera that you are a student and need financial assistance, they most likely will waive the course fee off. This league includes names like Microsoft, Evernote (which is the best organizational app out there), TestBook (allows you to prepare for competitive exams), etc.

Discount on entertainment, yes indeed

Are you a fan of Spotify ads breaking into your favourite songs? Neither am I.

But they have played and replayed it so frequently that I think I know half these words by heart by now. Hence, you would also know how Spotify has a separate plan for students affiliated to bona fide schools and universities. Now you can enjoy guilt-free music!

Not just Spotify, but also the lost music app Gaana also has a student discount. But the favourite of all is introduced by Amazon. If you are a youth aged between 18–24 years, then you can avail this offer, which includes a 50% Amazon Pay cashback.

Talk about UniDays

If Shein and Urbanic are considered as the most popular app among the youth, you haven’t really checked out UniDays.

It is a website that is solely dedicated to bringing exciting student discounts, and offers, across various brands. As students, we thrive on savings. The saved up money implies that we finally can spend it on the items that have been waiting in the cart for so long!

UniDays is a free app, where you just need to register yourself with the University details, and after a verification email, you have the full access to student exclusive discounts. Shop with them to redeem the offers. It also offers news on the limited time offers that provided by different brands.

But why is there no concession from medical field?

There are indeed so many student concessions in India that young people can avail, but sadly none by the institutes in the medical field.

Due to a severe knee injury from a bad fall, I have to frequently visit this particular hospital for regular physiotherapy sessions. As the hospital staff bill the amount, they ask if I have any corporate discount eligibility.

How I wish that they ask for student discount instead so that I can work out in the hospital cabin being a little less guilty of my clumsiness!

Image source: Instants via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro

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