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Does Being Gay Mean ‘Being Against Nature’?

The ‘so-called reason’ why he stated gay couples as being against nature was “Imagine if gay couples become prevalent then someday the entire human race would extinct."

Trigger Warning: This deals with homophobia and may be triggering to survivors.

Every time someone contradicts my beliefs I wish to stand up and talk. But obviously, that doesn’t happen. I just stay quiet, and let them do all the talking, after which I re-run the event in my head N number of times and regret not speaking up. I don’t confront people because I am afraid to speak up.

Then I thought, yeah, I am afraid to speak but, I was never afraid to write. Writing has been my vent-out thing since my school days. So here is one of those events I wish to write about.

It was a fine day in marketing class, in particular, it was a consumer behavior subject. That day’s topic was related to how couple relationships affect their purchasing behavior.

The PowerPoint presentation had a table listing couple relationships such as ‘husband and wife’, ‘live-in relationship’, and right at the bottom was ‘gay couple relationship’.

I was surprised to see that representation on the slides. While explaining the slide my professor referred to gay couples and said he “doesn’t know if this is prevalent in India but it is taken into account.” He then started with his explanations and stories. Finally, he concluded that we should “never do anything against nature” and referred to gay couples.

‘More gay couples could make human race extinct’ – WHAT?!

This was the point at which I got triggered. The ‘so-called reason’ why he stated gay couples as being against nature was “Imagine if gay couples become prevalent then someday the entire human race would extinct.”

So here are my thoughts on his statement. Is it just because of gay people the human race would go extinct? Really?

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Let me state a fact here, a new study that states, “Sperm count is declining at an accelerated rate worldwide”. Sperm counts are dropping at a rate of around 1.1 percent a year, the research found. The study was published in the journal Human Reproduction Update. The study includes data from more than 57,000 men collected across 53 countries. Researchers say that sperm health is affected by multiple factors such as exposure to pollutants, toxins in the air, radiation hazards from electronic gadgets, pesticides in our food, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, junk food, endocrine disruptors, chronic illnesses, and their medications, anabolic steroid use, etc.

This study is based on males, what if we consider females too? The extinction phase has started.

‘Gays are against nature’ – Again, WHAT?!

Okay, I understand according to some people’s beliefs, “Gays are against nature”. But are we doing everything in alignment with nature? I mean, take a look at the above-mentioned possible reasons for declining sperm count, are they aligning with nature?

In my opinion, extinction is a part of nature. As any life on earth can’t escape death, no species will escape extinction. Don’t we hear the news of the death of stars? If there is something called creation, there is also destruction(extinction). No particle matter in the universe is an exception to this rule. So people stop blaming LGBT+ people.

The same nature which created heterosexuals created LGBT+ people too. We all are a part of nature. Being gay is NOT being ‘against nature’!

Image source: a still from the film Badhaai Do

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