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11 Career Options For Graduates With A Sociology Degree

We have picked up 11 career options in Sociology that proves it is a promising subject in terms of interest, but also of job-prospects.

Do you want to study sociology but are confused about job prospects? Here is everything a student of sociology needs to know about the career prospectives of the subject! 

We have curated a list of 11 professions that you can branch into!

Psychology, and sociology are two peas in a pod, except one studies the individual, and the other studies the society. Sociology is a multidimensional subject with its usefulness in different kinds of occupation.

In terms of career choice, the former has been on the rise for quite some time now, while the latter is gaining its due popularity now.

Often in India, the biggest problem that a student faces, comes in the form of a simple question. When a student is choosing a branch  for higher studies is: will you get a job? Lack of information and prejudice against the Humanities has further created this chasm between Humanities and STEM, painting the latter as a path to job security.

But times are changing, students and their parents are now able to gain information more easily, dissipating the doubts and prejudices against Humanities and it’s branches.

Sociology is one of the most verstitle subjects which helps in bring multiple career options for a student, from medicine to marketing, the there are numerous paths, one just has to look bit ahead!

As more students are opting for Sociology as their subject for higher studies in India we have picked 11 career options that can venture into with a Sociology degree:

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Policy Analyst

As the words suggest, the job of a policy analyst is to analyse a public policy— what worked, what did not, the effects on the population, and making recommendations.

Broadly speaking, it entails four main components-collecting information, analysing the outcome of the present policies, sharing recommendations with the associated authorities regarding the same, and finally answering the apprehensions of the associate body relating to the policy.

Policy Analysts are mainly the ones that are employed by government organizations. They deal with policies that are directly related, but not limited, to the citizens of the country.

A combination of Sociology, and Political Science, widens the scope of attaining higher-packages, or paid fellowships.


If you have a flair for writing, and reporting social issues, a career in journalism would be a wise choice.

With the recent collapse of the mainstream news media, independent platforms of journalism are moving away from stereotypical format of reporting. They much rather prefer people who have a learned opinion.

With the theoretical knowledge acquired during sociology course, one can analyse a situation through the lens of the various theories, and offer a different perspective to a social issues at hand.

And I don’t think I have to spell out the number of social issues that are still not talked about in the country.

Market Analyst

The abstract idea of a market analysis is basically similar to that of policy analysis — except here the subject of study are not policies, but the consumer market.

A market analyst employed in a private company typically studies the demographics of the market, including the demands of the consumers, their likes, their product competitors.

Following this, they provide recommendations, and solutions, to the concerned authority to enhance the successful running of the company, and their services.

Sociology typically studies mass behaviour, hence, providing a strong base for market analysts to figure out their consumers and their behavioural tendencies.

Human Rights Officer

What does being a human rights officer mean? A human rights officer is responsible for screening public complaints, analysing if they belong within the jurisdiction of Human Rights Act, and mediating the settlements.

Most Sociology degrees include an extensive study of human rights, hence, enabling students to pursue the office of human rights as a career.

Not just governmental agencies, but also, most International corporate companies include a human rights officers panel who work towards maintaining human rights regulations of everyone involved, alike.

No wonder why Elon Musk’s first move as the new CEO of Twitter was to fire the company’s entire human rights team!

Public health educator

COVID-19 shook the world, and showed the world that nothing mattered more than health— personal or public. Health of the citizens of a country is one of the primary concerns of a democratic governance.

This is where the role of a public health educator becomes important.

The job of a public health educator might be considered as social work. Indeed, it may sound like such. But it entails a lot more responsibilities than a social worker. It includes identifying, planning, strategizing, and implementing programmes of public health education.

COVID-19 was just a one-time pandemic. But public health educators also work for health concerns that plague the society throughout, like drug addiction, or to announce precautionary measures like children’s vaccines.

Next time, you close shut your eyes to avoid the gory imageries of smoking-induced cancer, remember it was a brainchild of a public health educator!

Social worker

One can pursue a career as a social worker after their graduation. But only as a sociologist. That means you would only be restricted up till a certain point.

To be able to establish an NGO, or be a social worker, you are required to pursue courses that specialize in social work. For instance, TISS, or Tata Institute of Social Sciences, has a School of Social Work that has various centres that specialize in particular fields.

Sociology courses entail in-depth study of social dynamics involved in an issue, that help the professionals collaborate with appropriate agencies to ensure the proper allocation of resources to the ones in need.

It is to be kept in mind that this job does not pay as much field time it demands. However, even if it doesn’t sound much ambitious, work done on the fields have considerable contribution to nation-building, economic growth, and social empowerment.

Project Coordinator

If administrative tasks bore you, you might want to skip out on this. But if it doesn’t, you have a wonderful job choice. A project coordinator essentially is responsible for coordinating projects between managers, and the team members.

It includes working out schedules and deadlines, helping out with hurdles, coordinating communication between upstairs and downstairs, etc. But what comes across as a simple desk job, isn’t that simple at all.

It includes acute management skills, empathy, understanding and respect for backgrounds, accommodating and adjusting. Sociology eases out the understanding of social dynamics, and offers a fresh perspective.

But most of all, people skills. Very important.

Human Resource Management

To increase workforce efficiency, and brand productivity, corporate companies today are focusing more on team-building skills. This requires companies to conduct several activities, or initiatives, with their employees, hailing from different backgrounds.

Hence, these companies always prefer employing applicants with a sociology degree, because they are equipped with the knowledge required for such a job.

Being in the HR panel includes conducting interviews, conducting surveys, and analysing the results. A sociology kid can do it all!

Simultaneously, the activities have to always be conducted keeping in mind the diversity but at the same time maintaining the cultural ethos of the company.

Social Researcher

The job of a Social Researcher might be very similar to that of a policy, or a market, analysis. They are responsible for working on research projects that deal with social issues, and report their findings.

Using their research skills, sociology researchers deduce their conclusions based on the findings through different methods. Their thorough idea of social aspects help them plan out their study demographics, conduct interviews, create focus groups effectively.

A social researcher is not just recruited by governmental agencies, independent research institutes, private companies, etc. Based on their findings, policies are made, or changed, accordingly.


Being in the academic field, following the completion of higher education, is still considered to be one of the most prestigious jobs in India.

Sociology as a subject is enjoying a rise in demand, with schools looking for adept faculties to lay a strong foundation. Similarly, colleges and, universities are expanding their sociology degree programmes, too.

With the appropriate higher education degrees (and an endless list of requirements), one can pursue a career in academics. As a faculty member, you’ll be responsible for not just conducting classes, but also creating lesson plans, designing a syllabus, worksheets, activities, etc.

Apart from the teaching job, one can be a curriculum-developer, textbook-developers, learning material designer, or teacher educator, etc. These are the most-sought after career trajectories whilst being in the academic line.

Admissions Counsellor

The role of an admissions counsellor is very similar to that of a Human Resource manager. Admissions Counsellors are recruited by educational institutes to review students’ applications for admissions, conduct screening for students seeking scholarships, or financial aid.

They also help prospective students with information about various academic degrees and programmes.

They also help to organize alumni events where the presently recruited students connect with their working alumnus with their queries. Sociology is an added advantage in such a post, since it helps in the understanding of socio-cultural dynamics.

We have picked up just a few among the myriad of career options available for graduates with sociology degrees.

Though it is yet to gain a full shape in a slow developing country like ours, where acceptance rate for something new is comparatively less, Sociology as a subject is promising in terms of interest, but also of job-prospects.

You just have to be aware of the trends that hits just right!

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