Thanks To the Internet, I Build A Successful Career As A Writer

The internet gifted me the joy of writing! I wrote fearlessly, and continued creating one poem at a time — finally I published not one, but two books!

[29th October was International Internet Day – so I really need to talk about how it got me to where I am today.]

For most of us, our daily rituals start with the internet these days. Be it meditating on an app or getting our daily dose of motivation from the podcast, working out virtually with our gym buddies, or anything else.

Internet was a common practice in 2015 as well, however, those who used it more often were always tagged to be addicts.

I embraced motherhood in May 2015 and had to leave my good-paying job. Being an outspoken extrovert, staying at home was definitely not my thing. Staying at home for days, or weeks, seemed like a punishment to me.

After everyone stepped out for their respective work, it used to be only me and the infant in the house. And by the middle of the second month, I was done watching most of the films of those time that came on TV.

Daily soaps are not my cup of tea, and the video content was not commonly available on a subscription basis as well during those times.

Social media help me explore the world from home

So I started with being active on Social Media, be it Facebook or Instagram. Since stepping outside was out of scope, networking on Social Media had become my prime motive. I came across some really helpful, genuine, and inspiring people, I also learned a few lessons.

The only reason I will forever be thankful for the internet will always be, gifting back the joy and passion of writing to the very expressive teenager in me who used to write fearlessly and then adulting happened.

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It all began with a poem

I still very clearly remember the moment when I realized my writings deserve to reach more people; it was a very casual poem I wrote on my son’s third birthday, which I had shared as a caption with a beautiful collage of all of his cute pictures!

It was received so well by everyone who came across it, along with birthday wishes, everyone appreciated the poem!

For someone like me, who lost all her confidence and self-belief, this was a big boost! The transition from calling myself a mother on maternity break to a homemaker would have been very painful otherwise!

But writing and sharing my content kept me going.

My formal writing and authoring journey also began on the internet. There were times when what I felt and went through, I used to express through quotes, and it was not convenient to share everything on my personal profile as there are both, good and bad people on the internet.

I used to become an easy catch to judge and be a topic of gossip amongst relatives. Hence, I chose to make a separate page on Facebook dedicated to my writings.

After shelling out words for six to eight months, one of the patrons of my page messaged me suggesting writing a book; she found my content book-worthy. At first, I laughed at it, but then I thought, there is no harm in experimenting!

The journey to first book was exciting and tough

Then my journey to put up the content in book format and simultaneously finding ways to publish the book was going on, needless to say, on the internet!

I had a couple of published authors in my network who advised me to self-publish.

Being a first-timer, I was not very sure about the whole process and ended up investing money in a publisher who was not worthy.

There was no systematic planning, two months after submitting my manuscript, one random morning I received a message that said, my book was published and will be listed on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms shortly.

I was very happy, but later on, I learned ways (am still learning) to promote and market a book!

I also learned the art of self-publishing on my own. Not only that, but I solely edited and designed the cover of my book. In the same year ended up publishing two more books, one an anthology and another solo book!

I faced barriers being a self-published author in marketing and promoting my book, and I intend to reduce those for my fellow Indie authors.

Launching my e-magazine to support fellow authors

With the same motive, in April 2022, started a quarterly e-magazine, exclusively for authors.

All the content that comes for the magazine has been coming through the website and social media. I get to connect with so many like-minded people because of the platforms I made out of my passion.

I have recently started podcasting, after taking a workshop virtually (Again Internet!) and I get to know a new author and story every time I record a chat show!

Mistakes are part of growth

There have been mistakes, and hurdles, but there also have been learning and evolving all on my own! Every day I start with the intention to learn something new, and the internet does not disappoint me!

The same people who blamed and taunted me for excessive internet usage now feel happy about my work! I can not thank the internet enough for making me the self-made woman I am today!

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