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To What Extent Would You Go To Fulfill Your Desires Or Dreams?

People can lose all reasonable thinking and their present life too, for a few moments of gratification. No dream is so big that it can cost the life of a person.


I watched Delhi Crime (Season 2) and to be honest there were a lot of things that hit me. Like the shortfall of police force, denotified tribes being targeted, working women being accused of not balancing their family.

But the biggest one was to what extent people can go to fulfill their desires or dreams.

It’s a show, but has a kernel of reality

Although all of them are serious issues for society, every issue needs to be taken care of at different levels. I know it is just web series made for entertainment sake in which some hypothetical things are also shown, but ask yourself aren’t these incidents a harsh reality?

Everyone wants a luxurious and better lifestyle; the desire to achieve this is sometimes so much that the way to achieve it doesn’t matter anymore, as if people are possessed by it. Someone said rightly, “everything has its pros and cons” — where the improved lifestyle has brought a transformation; there it has also increased crime in the country.

*Spoiler Alert

Shortcut to becoming rich?

Season 2 is about a girl who works in a beauty parlour. During visits to her rich clients houses she gets a burning desire to open her own parlour. The lifestyle of her clients fascinates and she begins to lust after a similar lifestyle. And to make this happen, she chooses to walk on the path of crime, as a shortcut to become rich.

Unfortunately I have experienced this in my family too.

I met my cousin (maternal uncle’s son) recently, and he told me that his friends have iphones and ipads but my uncle doesn’t buy him anything. So he stole money from my uncle’s wallet. That’s his first step towards crime.

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There is so much comparison amongst children that unintentionally they get attracted to the wrong ways to fulfill their desires. It’s not necessary that a crime needs to be big, even a small stealing from parents wallets and purses can lead to bigger crimes in future.

Film and TV actor from the US Lana Parrilla says, “There’s always going to be someone who is prettier than you, better than you in some way, but everyone has something that makes them different.” Another statement I came across was, “Comparison is the thief of Joy,” often credited to Theodore Roosevelt. I feel both the statements are self-explanatory; just to have a few moments of luxury, people lose their present life also. I am sure no dream is so big that it can cost the life of a person.

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