As A Teenage Bride Of A Man Over 30, Life Is Now A Nightmare!

I gave my 12th boards and got really good marks. On the day of my result, everyone was congratulating me and suddenly my phone beeped. It was him.

Trigger warning: This deals with underage marriage, lack of parental responsibility in preventing it, grooming by a much older man, and domestic violence, and may be triggering for survivors.

“You look beautiful in white!” he said, and kept staring at me.

We had met at a family function. I was in the 11th standard back then and he was a business associate in his early 30s who belonged to a rich family. At the dining table he sat next to me, ogling me all throughout.

That made me feel special. Obviously, what else can you expect from a teenage girl drowning in her fantasy world?

One by one everyone began to leave after finishing their meal. I too got up and went to the washroom to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands he entered the washroom, which certainly made me feel a bit nervous.

That is when he started talking to me and complimented me – how beautiful I was looking in that white dress. I replied to him with a thank you and a smile. As I was about to leave he blocked my way and gradually came closer to me. Now I could feel his breath, and I was breathing heavily since something like this had never happened to me, and I felt too shy to react to such a situation. He then said, “look how beautifully you have grown up!”

These words made me feel even more nervous, and he sensed that and left. As a teenager I began to romanticise this behaviour of his, without realising the repercussions it might have later on.

My parents accepted the marriage proposal… I had just given my 12th!

I gave my 12th boards and got really good marks. On the day of my result, everyone was congratulating me and suddenly my phone beeped. It was him. He congratulated me and told me that it had been a while since we had met, but would meet soon. I was really impressed that he was such a busy guy, but still was squeezing in time to meet me.

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After a few days he came to our house with his mom and dad. My mom and dad were having a conversation with them. I was in my room when our house help came in and told me that my mom was calling me to the living room where all of them were sitting and talking. I went outside and his mother told me to sit next to her. As she caressed my hair, she told my mother that now she is our daughter too.

I didn’t really understand what she meant at that time, but later on could clearly understand why she was saying so.

My mother told me that they had came with a marriage proposal. I was shocked after hearing that, and asked my parents what they had said. My parents had said yes to them. When I asked them why, both of them replied that he is such a good guy, earns well, belongs to a reputed and rich family, what else could they have expected?

After this my mom started convincing me for the marriage. And I would say that she certainly had convinced me, otherwise why would I have married this guy?

I wasn’t ready for what happened…

On our wedding day, I remember how we were sitting next to each other and he kept complimenting me throughout. Then it was our first night after completing all the tiring rituals of the second day of our wedding.

When in our room, he asked me what I was doing on my phone. I was scrolling through Instagram and started telling him what I was looking at. He started coming closer to me and I didn’t really know how to react. Certainly I knew what all happens in a marriage, but I was not really prepared for it mentally. He tried to kiss me but I just turned my face towards the other side and told him that I can’t do it right now. He smiled and kissed my forehead then went to sleep.

Due to his busy schedule we couldn’t go on our honeymoon so after one month we decided to go to Greece. One night when we were in Greece, I was again wearing a white dress, and he started telling me how he fell for me at first sight when he first saw me.

He made me lie down on the bed and was all over me when I again told him that I was not ready. To this he furiously replied, “I feel so unappreciated!” and went on to say that he does so much for me and this is what I pay him back. After saying all this to me, he forced himself on me. That night was a nightmare for me as all the following nights have been. I was so traumatised to see this side of him.

After coming back, I noticed a massive change in him. Or maybe he was like this only and I failed to notice that. But what else can you expect from a teenager lost in her fantasy world? He is so dominating that whenever he is around I feel so suffocated…

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