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Somewhere We All Are Scared!

We all are scared deep down but we need to be strong and keep moving. Don’t let your fear overcome your life!

The inspiration behind my blogs and poems are my personal experiences which I come across everyday. I feel if you have been through something, or felt it to your soul, you can pen it better as it comes directly from the heart.

Recently, I watched the series “Wedding Season” on Netflix which is about arranged marriages and the fake profiles parents make on matrimonial sites for a suitable match and what happens when the truth comes out. Though I will not be writing on this, while I was watching the series, I heard a dialogue to which I relate closely and what this blog is about it. “We all are scared”.

I mentioned about the generation gap within our generation in my last blog, I would continue this to it. Our life is not only complicated but full of fears and the worst part is that the fear starts from our childhood. In the past people were not very modern but they were carefree. I remember my father used to say, “Beta acche se padhai karo fir party karna, then acche college mein admission lo tabhi acchi job milegi, acchi job loge tabhi accha life partner milega” and this cycle never ended.

What fears do we face everyday? Fear of not getting good marks, fear of not getting admission in a reputed college, fear of getting ditched, fear of marriage, fear of rejection, fear of commitment, fear of failure and so on. I will go back to the series where the girl expressed, “I am scared of this marriage” to which her sister replied “We all are scared” as she got a promotion and had to shift to London for her new role. Our fears might be different but the feeling is the same.

I don’t know whether I am right or not, but these fears have possessed us to such an extent that they are taking over the lives of people. People are committing suicide because of fear. I have seen a lot of people asking questions to God like why only me, what did I do wrong but trust me majority of the population wakes up with different fears every morning. Some are scared of their job, their bosses, family members and partners.

Most people think web series are a waste of time and are just for entertainment purposes, but I have learnt a lot of lessons from them. And my lesson from the wedding season was that we all are scared deep down but we need to be strong and keep moving. Don’t let your fear overcome your life.

Image Source: Jaqueline Fritz via Unsplash

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