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Insults And Regular Taunts Can’t Drive Person To Suicide: Really, Mumbai Court?!

A man can never understand this thing because nothing changes for a man; he still lives with his parents, follows the same routine, but for a woman everything changes.

Honestly such verdicts leave me speechless!

Before I begin to mention the whole case in details, I want to mention the definition of the words “insult” and “taunt” to bring to the notice that sometimes they can be mental torture.

Taunt – a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone.

Insult – speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.

I will be quoting the exact news for reference.

Taunts and regular insults mere “daily wear and tear of family affairs”?!

The court made the above said observation while acquitting 30-year-old Prashant Shelar and his 52-year-old mother Vanita Shelar of the charge of abatement to the suicide of Prashant’s wife Priyanka. “The daily wear and tear of the family affairs wherein mother-in-law sometimes complains that her daughter-in-law does not work properly,” additional session judge NP Mehta said.

According to the Hindustan Times report, Priyanka died of suicide on January 16, 2015, within a month of her marriage with her boyfriend Prashant.

“The said factual circumstance cannot be termed as causing mental cruelty because it is a natural phenomenon and the same could be seen generally in this stature of the family to which both parties belonged,” the judge added. Further, the news says that Priyanka was not allowed by Prashant to talk with others on phone; it “cannot be a circumstance to infer that she was being harassed mentally,” the court noted.

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Really? #Facepalm

So my first question here is, did anyone witness what kind of taunts were delivered to the deceased??

I would like to add from my personal experience that people take these daily taunts as very ‘normal’, regular affair. Tells you how deeply these abusive behaviour patterns are ingrained in us. But how anguishing these are, only the person tolerating them can understand.

I don’t know how the law works here and what the punishment could be, but giving such a verdict in the words it was framed, encourages taunting.

Every newly married woman needs a time of adjustment

As mentioned in the news, it was only one month of marriage, the first month the woman tries to adjust in the new house, with the new people, new environment and new ways of working. If she keeps receiving taunts and insults, can you imagine how she would feel?

I am sorry to say this but a man can never understand this thing because nothing changes for a man, he still lives with his parents, follows the same routine, but for a woman everything changes.

In India, women have been fighting for their rights since ages but now giving an observation that the regular taunts and insults are normal; I don’t know what message the esteemed court is conveying to the society. For me, it’s another step towards creating a destructive society.

Image source: Manu_Bahuguna from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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