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Indian Education System — Does It Need Overhauling?

Education has the power to contribute to the betterment of society and aids in bringing about sustained development and making people aware of their rights and duties.

The primary purpose of education is the integral development of a person. In addition, it is an endless source that satiates the cerebral needs of a person.

Education has the power to contribute to the betterment of society and aids in bringing about sustained development and making people aware of their rights and duties.

Over the last couple of decades, education has seen a significant transformation in the content being taught, and the medium used for disseminating that content.

A school is no longer just— desk, bench, blackboard and a teacher

In times gone by, basic infrastructure like a desk and bench, a teacher, and a blackboard were enough to satisfy the demands of the parents and was the only infrastructure they looked for in a school whereas today, parents demand well-equipped computer labs, maths, and science practical labs, extensive sports facilities, a knowledgeable faculty, and growth-oriented and encouraging atmosphere.

The modern education system is dynamic and demands teachers to change, learn, and grow along with their students.

The difference between a traditional and contemporary approach to education is that traditional education is more teacher-centric, whereas modern education is learner-centric; the former is limited to subject learning only, whereas the latter extends beyond the subject to skill development and practical efficiency.

Teachers or books were the only methods to impart knowledge in traditional ways. On the other hand, the modern education technique involves conventional learning methods, and co-curricular activities like theatre, music, dance, and home science have become equally crucial to core subjects taught in school.

Developing skills has become part of the curriculum

Almost all educational boards follow a continual assessment of the skills. The course to be covered in the examination is spread over several tests/examinations to be conducted over a year.

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Education refers to the overall development of a human being and is not limited to academics only. The world is operating in a fast-forward mode, where results are expected within seconds; the education systems worldwide must evolve to keep pace with the evolution of thinkers and creators.

I believe a blend of new-age techniques, old wisdom, and methods that encourage learning should be developed and used for an effective education system.

Indian education system needs a complete renovation

Talking about India, the Indian education system needs a complete overhaul. The Indian school system is one of the largest education providers to over 250 million students.

The new education demands the amalgamation of traditional mainstream subjects such as medical, nonmedical, commerce, and humanities, along with critical and analytical thinking and logical reasoning.

The new education age includes using technology like smartphones, mobile applications, audio, and video platforms, podcasts, and e-books to educate learners while engaging.

Job market is ever evolving and transforming

The main motive is to enhance the analytical competencies, fasten decision-making and improve the critical thinking aspects of students. The primary goal that one looks at achieving post-getting an education is relevant employment.

The job market has transformed too, and apart from only technical jobs requiring in-depth academic knowledge, the jobs today need to be manned by people possessing human skills like compassion and inclusion instead of only promoting the old scoring system in the examination.

The main focus for bettering the educational facilities is to make the learning atmosphere more experiential and focus on the real-world application of concepts.

The authorities should make it their primary responsibility to make education accessible to all nooks and corners of the country through physical or online classes.

The most suitable way of teaching students of modern times is by initiating a relationship between teachers and students that goes beyond the traditional role of teachers.

A healthy relationship with the teacher makes the student comfortable to ask doubts and increases curiosity. The new ways of teaching and learning will give way to new evaluation methods.

An advanced marking system would relieve the students of the pressure of scoring high in their examinations by any means. At last, I would like to say that education is not a task; it is an experience that should not become a burden but a boon.

The journey of education should be exciting and not mundane

Education, like a magical wand, should have the power to attract students and not make students flee and should be exciting and not mundane.

Education has been the most potent tool of progressive transformation in the world since the beginning of time. The process of education never stops; there is no limit to learning.

Education is the process that aids learning, and acquiring knowledge and skills for one’s character. It upgrades the thinking of society on the whole and helps to uproot all social evils.

It helps the uniform development of a country by fighting the inequalities of society. Education is the backbone of any country. Education equips the nation with the workforce, uplifts awareness amongst the public, and promotes national unity.

The scope of education is neither limited to books nor to schools or colleges. The development of a person can come from different forms of education like formal, informal, or miscellaneous.

As rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world!”

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