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Celebrate The Baby Steps That Made The Person Who You Are Today!

Today when I look back I realize I have achieved a lot, I have brought a lot of change in myself in terms of physique, confidence or professional learnings.

I am mentioning my age again, and I am not at all ashamed of writing my age publicly. I am 32 years old, and would say being a part of this generation all these years were not at all easy.

Parents’ pressure of securing good marks in school, getting admission in a good college, attaining a good job, relationships, heartbreaks, profits, losses, marriage; I think I have seen a lot and sometimes even more in all these years.

Looking back, I realized, I did achieve a lot!

Today when I look back I realize I have achieved a lot, I have brought a lot of change in myself in terms of physique, confidence or professional learnings. Still, sometimes I get the feeling I have done nothing.

As I shared in my earlier blog, I have been getting a lot of inspiration from the themes depicted in OTT platforms, hence here comes another one.

I think you will agree to the fact that we all keep running behind big successes and ignore the little achievements we attain in day to day life.

A small step at a time takes us to our goals

Yes, I am talking about the baby steps that we take on a daily basis to reach our destination. I mean, waking up early in the morning is itself something to celebrate daily.

I remember an instance; while I was at school I struggled to pass in Math subject in my 9th grade, and somehow when I was promoted to 10th grade, I was afraid, as a student has to secure above 80% in Maths if he/she wants to opt for Commerce with Maths in 11th grade.

This is one incident I always remember because someone changed my life back then.

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I got enrolled for a Maths tuition and my sir encouraged me to solve only 2 questions per day. Not only that, he used to give me chocolate for solving the questions. I shared with him my fear, he said be happy that you at least solved 2 questions and let’s celebrate this first.

We should not forget the baby steps!

As I moved on in my life, I forgot to celebrate the baby steps I took later. When a child is born, parents celebrate the baby’s first step, and I feel it is equally important for us to celebrate the baby steps/little efforts we make to convert our dreams to reality.

For each individual baby step can be different, but the most important question is are you celebrating that baby step you took may be after facing immense fears.

I guess every day will be a celebration if we start acknowledging the baby steps.

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