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Awful Men On Matrimonial Sites Ruin Dating and Marriage!

The matches I found on these matrimonial sites were good, representable, but the reality behind them is very different from what they appear to be on the outside.

I’m Sherry, I want to share my experience with these abominable dating/marriage websites. I started off with India’s most popular marriage websites, but ended up search with a dating site. 

The matches I found on these websites were good, representable, but the reality behind them is very different from what they appear to be on the outside.

First guy: the wanker who lurks in matrimonial sites

I met this guy on the most popular website was a definition of problematic. He used to masturbate looking at my pictures, and he had that audacity to tell it to me on my face.

He was rich that’s what he told me, may be because he thought he could allure me by showing off his father’s wealth, so he directly asked me not to work after marriage because he has this huge business to look after.

So not only was he a creep, he wanted me to leave my career and look after his business casually; as if I’m some puppet rounded around his little finger.

And above all the way he talked to me was so authoritative that I felt disgusted, and besides he was a misogynist.

Second guy: send nude pics, because I am nice guy on these matrimonial sites

I met him on one of the oldest matrimonal website this country has known, which also happens to be one of the most frequented places by parents looking for a match for their kids.

He pretended to be a sweet Bengali guy; a perfect image of the boy next door. He was the sweetest in the beginning, but later he turned out to be my biggest nightmare.

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Not only that, but he proposed to me, and said everything nice to me so that we can have a life together, a beautiful life, and despite me being cautious I fell into his trap, after all that’s what matrimonial sites are for!

He left me after 6 months of dating just because I said ‘NO’ to him and I denied his request of sending him nudes.

He said to me while breaking up that we are better off as friends, I don’t see a wife in you.

I was shattered, like literally shattered because after ages I felt good being in a relationship, it was because I was with him! But I didn’t know then that he would be so toxic.

Anyway now I’m over him.

Third guy: the chronically pent-up has arrived at dating sites.

I met him in the dating site which boasted about catering to people looking for future spouses. We started on a good note, I wouldn’t say an excellent note but yes on a good note. He used to ask me those weird questions whether I like sex or not.

I always gave him a benefit of doubt, seeing my history with men. I thought maybe it’s important for him, but when we chatted for the first time, he started off with the kinky texts.

Again I gave him the benefit of doubt, then it happened for the second time— he apologized, and I gave him the benefit of doubt again!

By the way, I denied every time his requested for phone sex because I didn’t actually know him that well in the first place.

For a few days he went MIA, missing in action, then one day all of a sudden he called and said, “Baby, how are you? I want our relationship to be the best one!”

And I was like, what relationship, “We hardly talked twice and in that too he was all about sex?” I was infuriated.

Hence, I confronted him, and then he was like, “Baby come to me let’s make love,” verbatim, he said this on call. And my mind went what a psycho he is.

I don’t even know him as a person, and he’s reacting as if he has known me since ages.

As much as I wanted to break things in anger, I controlled myself and blocked him immediately. I had no choice left, and also I had to take medicine for anxiety after this episode.

There is a scarcity of decent men

It seems like my life is a roller coaster ride, and it’s short of all decent men.

Here’s my experience about some of the shittiest people I met on these websites that I met till date. I only want to say that please don’t fall into love traps or thirst traps anyway.

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Image Source: fizkes and mattjeacock via Getty Images Signature, free on Canva Pro

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