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All Those Hyperventilating Over The Film Darlings, Where Are You When Women Suffer Much Worse?

The movie does not support domestic violence against men, but the revenge part has been shown to make those men realize how it feels to be on the other end.

Trigger Warning: This deals with domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors.

“He might be overstressed due to workload; that’s why he hit you.”

“You shouldn’t have irritated him, see what ruckus he caused at home!”

Hitting, abusing, hurling things around, and behaving like nothing happened the next day is the usual course of life in many households. A few of them are reported while most of them go unreported, hushed behind closed doors!

The story of Darlings is one of them where the ‘female victim’ tries her best to reform her husband with all her love but in vain! However, the path she chose to seek revenge is tit-for-tat!

Why is nothing considered wrong when there’s violence against women?

Even without watching the movie, people started trending #BoycottAliaBhatt merely by watching the trailer and poster, claiming that the movie supports ‘domestic violence against men’!

I wish they would have protested this way the first time a movie was released showing domestic violence against women. But why would they? That’s the usual course of life! There’s nothing wrong with it. Men may get angry and hurl abuses because of stress; isn’t it a woman’s duty to bring him on the right track?

That’s what is shown in the movie; the wife keeps on trying but then, the question is, till when?

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The movie does not support domestic violence against men but the revenge part has been shown to make those men realize, how it feels to be on the other end. Being traumatized and hit by the person you claim you love!

I liked the ‘statutory warning’ it shows at the end. Rather, it should be, ‘domestic violence against any gender should be prohibited’. This warning should be showcased like the ones shown with smoking & drinking since, as pictured in the movie, it can be equally dangerous if a person’s patience level is tested!

How men react when they are faced with the prospect of violence

Way back when Taapsee Pannu starrer Thappad was released, many people found it silly for a wife to leave her husband just because he slapped her, justifying that it’s normal for a couple to fight and resolve. Even in Darlings, the husband says the same thing that all couples fight and it’s ‘normal’! Yes, these things are okay only if the victim is a woman. Reverse the case and see the reaction.

Once during a discussion, while criticizing the movie, an uncle said, “What’s there to make a family drama just because of a slap?”

I asked him, “What if aunty slaps you someday the moment you yell at her in public?”

With rage in his eyes, he said, “I’ll definitely leave her. Why stay with a woman who doesn’t even know how to respect her husband?”

I said, “Yes, that’s exactly what the movie is all about. You shouldn’t stay with a person who doesn’t know how to respect you.”

He took a deep breath and hummed for a long time perhaps realizing the fact that women also deserve the same amount of respect!

Coming back to this movie, if you’re someone, who’s a victim of silent abuse, I would suggest you watch Darlings, and believe me; you’re not alone in this! There are laws and support lines to help you; revenge is not the way out, but teaching a good lesson can definitely be!

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