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How To Balance Your Yin And Yang Amidst Gender Stereotyping

When people rely on stereotypes be it race, gender, or colour, their mental ability to access and understand others stands compromised.

Our world has been revolving around social and gender stereotyping for ages now. Though the hardliner imposition of dos and don’ts might have mostly faded, though not extinct, however, they do show a strong presence in subtlety which is far more detrimental to human evolution at present. When people rely on stereotypes be it race, gender, or colour, their mental ability to access and understand others stands compromised.

Ingrained Biases

These biases are ingrained in humans since their inception as a child. A belief spun for ages that one gender must put on the armour of valour and showcase courage as the essence of life, while the other gender is expected to be insignia of tolerance, tenderness and tranquil come whatever may, and if otherwise they are branded as outcast and taboo for society. It is high time that we break these divides and emerge as one spectrum of a race with a mix of Yin and Yang in everyone. There is tenderness and there is strength in one and all irrespective of gender, colour, race, or ability. Just as achievements and goals are not just for one, so are the moments of weakness and tranquillity.

Balancing Yin and Yang

Born in the cultural heart of India, the city of temples Bhubaneswar, settled in the IT hub of India, Bangalore, having travelled the world for my work, my experiences were no different be it any part of the world. The stereotypes I experience in and around me often made me wonder and question the foundation of their existence. However, very apt goes the quote “To bring a change one must be the change.”

Live life as though no one’s watching, shed all inhibitions, and express yourself like everyone is listening. Balancing Yin and Yang is the core of my belief and challenging both these sides of mine is what propels me to achieve the unexplored and be limitless at the same time

Don’t be afraid to take risks. In risks come the biggest opportunities. While you lookout for those, be realistic and be prepared for any outcome whilst giving your best shot whatever it may take. The path from dreams to success is not easy but if you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it and the perseverance to pursue it, then there will be no looking back. As a face of change, I touch many lives around who now dream to aspire and juggle beyond the set boundaries. The very desire that sparks within those who are influenced by my stories and journey covered over social media or in just a casual clandestine conversation makes me feel grateful and proud of my efforts. The ripples of change I have been able to set in minds of a few who also dream to steer beyond the cloud of stereotyping is my reward for being the face of change.

What counts in life is not the mere fact that I lived, it is the difference I made in the lives of others that will determine the quality of life I lead.  As they say “Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you, to be inspired to make small changes, then you are already on the right path.”

Image Credits: hrustall on Unsplash 

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