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She Would Never Forget Her Last Message To Him…

The last message is the story of Natasha and how she got a phone call stating the most devastating news of her life.

Standing in front of the lifeless soul of her love, Natasha was in a complete state of shock to believe he was gone. She was handed over Rahul’s belongings.

Continuous calls on her phone went unanswered by her.

Suddenly she found the caller tune reminding her of Sim, her best friend. She quickly picked up the call and informed her of the location of the hospital. And her eyes went to the last message to Rahul “Drive safely dear, it’s raining heavily. See you at home. Love.”

By then, their parents and a few friends have already gathered there. However, Natasha seemed to be in a different world only. She was waiting to see Sim, and just hold her hands. All the caring condolences were meaningless to Natasha and the atmosphere created a melodramatic scene in the hospital.

Natasha was staring at her phone and recalled the call she received at 7 in the evening that day. She was in a meeting at her office when her phone went on ringing from an unknown number.

Usually, she never takes up calls from such numbers. However, repeated calls from the same number made her anxious and she excused herself from the meeting room to take the call.

Speaker: Hello. Am I speaking to Ms. Natasha?

Natasha: Yes. May I know who’s on the side?

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Speaker: I am calling from Magnus Hospital. Mr. Rahul had met with a severe accident a few minutes back. Please immediately come over here. He is critical.

Natasha: Hello? What are you talking about? How did you get this number?

Speaker: Please come over as quickly as possible. Time is very limited, Ma’am.

For a second Natasha went blank and couldn’t believe what she heard. She just messaged Rahul and this call. Seeing Natasha worried her office colleagues rushed to the hospital with her. On her way, she informed Simran, their best friend.

Natasha’s mind was full of weird thoughts till she reached the hospital which took them almost an hour to reach. She gathered an ample amount of courage to ask the reception lady about the accident case and the patient.

There was a call from inside the patient party of Mr. Rahul. Natasha rushed inside. Her eyes searched for Rahul.

Looking at the doctor’s face she could guess something was not right. She stopped there for a moment and was being told the four merciless words which she never would have wanted to hear.

“We are sorry, Ma’am.”

Natasha’s office colleague could feel her body going numb. Natasha was on the verge to collapse. She just couldn’t go inside to see Rahul lying on the bed in such a state.

Simran and a few such friends and family members have been the pillar of support for Natasha for the last year. Natasha’s life has changed completely but inside her mind, she’s still back there standing in front of the hospital bed in front of Rahul. Only this time, she couldn’t hear the word Nats coming from Rahul.

Every time Natasha would use her phone she would make it a point to check the last message to Rahul.

Something she would never forget.

Image credits: A still from the movie Shershah

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