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This Is What I Think About The Movie Antim-The Final Truth!

With an okayish direction and music, Antim is an average movie which is filled with bullets and cheesy dialogues.

Let’s start with the three things in the movie that I found quite explicit:

  •  Sachin Khedekar has totally invested in the movie. He holds on to his character from start till end with elan and conviction.
  •  Aayush Sharm has invested in his career. In spite of being a villager, he sports chiseled looks and golden-ish beard and moustache. He shows off his muscular body; portrays all possible emotions like crying, laughing, smirking, threatening and mocking; the movie is an amalgamation of fight sequences, dance moves and romance.
  • And Salman Khan has invested in Aayush’s career. He has less screen time than his protégé and moreover he has no heroine! Even in the scenes, where the cop in him is reprimanding the criminal in Aayush, he doesn’t emanate the vibes of ill-will or hate. It appears as if a guardian is disciplining a young adult.

Antim revolves around the plight of poor farmers

Centered around the plight of poor farmers who are forced to sell their lands to rich and exploitative zamindars and industrialists, the movie opens with Rahul aka Rahulya’s (Aayush Sharma) family being forced to migrate from their village to Pune. His father Dattaram Patil (Sachin Khedekar), suffers blows and humiliation at the hands of his boss, to whom he had already sold his land and works there as the gatekeeper!

Once in Pune, Rahulya’s anger and restlessness puts him on a non returning spree of crime and soon he becomes a dreaded and eccentric gangster of Pune. He starts indulging into the heinous acts of grabbing land from poor farmers. Alongside this, he does few Robinhood acts and also romances Manda (Mahima Makwana), a girl who runs a tea stall.

Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan) is a know-all, daring and righteous Sikh cop, who decides to clear the crime in the city by turning the gangsters against each other. But when it’s Rahulya’s turn to get eliminated, he comes and saves him!

Finally everyone gets eliminated. Watch the movie to see how and by whom!

An adaptation of the Marathi film Mulshi Pattern, the movie is still a bit different

Antim is a Hindi adaptation of the Marathi film Mulshi Pattern (2018), but the latter’s treatment is starkly different from the former.

The latter focuses on the plight of farmers and their families upon being forced to leave their land and dignity back in their village to earn a livelihood in the city by doing menial jobs and undignified treatment.

However, the former focuses on action scenes, superhero image of Salman Khan and new hero image of Aayush Sharma.

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The movie’s star cast is good but storyline contradicts itself a couple of times. The chemistry between the lead pair is nil. The direction and music are average.

On the whole, it’s an average movie filled with bullets and cheesy dialogues.

Image Source: Still from Antim-The Final Truth


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