I Love Reading A Book Near The Window With A Mug Of Cold Coffee…After Marriage & Kids This Has Become My Guilty Pleasure No. 1!

Men's lives remain unchanged after marriage & babies. Women too need to indulge in their guilty pleasures minus the guilt!

I love to read a good book slouching near the window or balcony, with a mug of cold coffee and music on my echo, oblivious to the world. Ehhhh then I got married. Ahhhh…had a kid. And now, this is my guilty pleasure No. 1.

I really don’t get this. Why these simple pleasures that we took for granted once, have us all wound up in a tight ball, frustrated or simply broken after getting married or having kids?

Why do these simple things become a guilty pleasure after becoming wives and moms?

As a society, we view men having fun and living their lives, despite being a dad and husband, as entirely normal. But this should be perfectly acceptable even for women!

A visit to a salon, hanging out with friends, movies, eat outs and all things of the bygone past, are criminal activities of today? Do answer! I would love to understand why it’s completely normal for the “husband” to hang out after work (not with the wife, of course), but the opposite is unthinkable? 

New dads with zero input (apart from his swimmer), get all the sympathy about sleep disturbance and next day office. When in reality, they tuck their face between the pillow, turn their backs and doze off.

Well, the list is endless. So now, we indulge in our guilty pleasures to keep us sane and with our head on our shoulders.

Indulge in those guilty pleasures minus the guilt!

We shop- online, because we can’t leave the kid home and taking him/her is another day at the wild. We hit the salon with a vengeance (urban clap, same problem, can’t get it done while running around). Late night romcoms, rom-dramas and rom-action, because believe it or not, it’s simply not happening in real time.

We are constantly judged (women, of course), and sacrifice all the time. But they have zero balls to actually change the scenario, and then suffer from severe issues when someone actually does something about it.

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So, gals, we need it and want it, all the same as the Y chromosome – freedom.

But till it happens, keep indulging in the guilty pleasures minus the guilt. A happy mom is way better than a grouchy mom!

Image source: by mentatdgt, Pexels


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