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Upmarket Delhi Restaurant Refused Me Entry Just Because I Was Wearing A Saree…

This restaurant, which believed that "saree is not a smart dress" blocked her entry. Smart dress or not, the question is, for how long will women's clothes be targeted?

This restaurant, which believed that “saree is not a smart dress” blocked her entry. Smart dress or not, the question is, for how long will women’s clothes be targeted?

Translated from the original in Hindi.

Women have always been a target for their dress. Sometimes for wearing something ‘too western’, and sometimes ‘too Indian’ which is considered ‘not smart enough’!

When will society understand that they have no business telling women what to wear, and that it is their choice? The restaurant maintains that they have ‘smart casual dress code’, but then who decided that a saree can’t be smart casual? 

What is the whole story?

On September 19, 2021, a Delhi resident Anita reached the Aquila restaurant in Ansal Plaza to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, where she was not allowed to enter because she was wearing a sare. According to her, the restaurant employee stopped her by saying “saree doesn’t come under the ‘smart casual dress code’ and hence you won’t be allowed inside.” On this, Anita asked them to give this to her in writing.

This incident went viral after Anita shared her experience on her YouTube channel and on twitter.

People’s reactions started coming as soon as they saw this video. Some people are demanding action against restaurants that prohibit wearing sarees while in India.

The National Commission for Women has also sent a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner and has directed them to investigate the whole matter and take appropriate action.

The restaurant on their side has said that the woman spread the word in a wrong way, and that the video she posted is only part of the conversation. That an employee did say that “we allow only smart casual and not saree”, but that women with sarees have been allowed inside the restaurant. The restaurant management also stated that the customer was fighting with her staff and had even slapped a restaurant manager.

Enough with policing what women wear

But it cannot be denied that some women are always trolled for what they wear. People have trolled Mandira Bedi for wearing jeans at her husband’s funeral, some women have been shamed for not covering their head, and sometimes by calling the saree an old fashioned garment.

What everyone needs to understand is that women have a right to decide what they wear when and where. And not considering saree as a ‘smart outfit’ is unbelievable –  I have seen women wearing sarees in all kinds of places from formal meetings to casual events and places.

Our clothes are not a sign of our modernity or otherwise. Modernity should be in thoughts and in behaviour, and not in clothes.

Image source: YouTube

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