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Pressurizing Single Mothers To Remarry Is Not Ok…Let It Be Their Choice!

People feel they are being open-minded by pressurizing single mothers to remarry...but why do we assume she wants to marry again?

People feel they are being open-minded by pressurizing single mothers to remarry…but why do we assume she wants to marry again?

In 2015, Myntra launched a digital campaign ‘Bold is Beautiful’ to promote its brand Anouk. In one of the videos, a single mother who shifts to a new area with her daughter, is shown as repeatedly being questioned about her husband and receiving looks and hushed comments about her personality. In the end, when her neighbour remarks that her daughter needs a father, she confidently responds that she is all her child needs.

The video showcases what most single mothers face on a daily basis. They are constantly pressurized to find a partner along with whom they can raise their child and advised about what how to take care of their child. But if they feel capable of raising their kids all by themselves, who are others to say as to whether they should marry or what they should do for their child?

Single mothers have a lot to deal with & don’t need additional pressure of finding a partner!

Raising a child is no easy task. From taking care of them when they are sick to being there for them emotionally, it involves its own commitments, planning and compromises. As for single mothers, they have to perform or delegate all duties alone.

Single mothers are often the only breadwinners of the household. They have to singlehandedly  ensure that they are able to support themselves and their children, while also securing their future.

Single mothers often battle stress, anxiety and loneliness from managing everything independently.

The  pandemic has been an additionally stressful period for single mothers. In an interview with Metrolife, Deccan Herald, single mothers reported having difficulties with time management and balancing work, childcare and the household.

When there is already so much for single mothers to think about, is unwarranted pressure to find a partner necessary?

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Let’s not assume all single mothers wish to remarry or find a partner!

Society assumes that all single mothers want to remarry. Or they are looking for a partner to share parenting or financial responsibilities. While this may be true for some single mothers, it is certainly not a blanket rule!

Moreover, single mothers may be happy being alone or may simply not desire having a partner at that particular time in their life! So, why is it so hard for the society to accept their personal choice of remaining single?

Why is it difficult to understand that a single woman can be happy without a man &  raise her child well all by herself?

Children of single mothers have a lot to learn from them!

Generally, all the advice and tips that are given to a single mother arise (or is at least said to) from concern about their kid’s lives. However,  single mothers can be inspirational and impart important learnings to their children.

Children of single mothers tend to grow up without learning gender-related roles and responsibilities. They see their mother doing everything for them and share their work, thus learning not to attach certain chores with a specific gender.

Seeing their mother multitask and maintain a balance between work and personal life can also help them understand the importance of time management.

Often being the only  breadwinner, single mothers are also tasked with the responsibility of being wary of their expenses and saving enough to provide for the child’s needs in the future. This can also help the child adopt an attitude of always being mindful of their spending & being smart with financial planning.

To remarry or not…single mothers can make their own choices!

Being raised by a single mother can also help build strong and transparent relationships between the child and parent. Children also first-hand observe what their mother goes through every day in order to establish a life for them and this can lead them to feel closer to them.

Besides these, merely watching their single moms working tirelessly and efficiently can make the child truly understand their value them for facing it all.

It’s time society acknowledges that single mothers can be a source of inspiration & are capable of making life-decisions on heir own.

Image source: Still from Myntra ad 

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