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‘It’s My Choice’ Newlywed Disha Parmar Hits Back After Being Trolled For Not Wearing Sindoor

Newly married, TV actor Disha Parmar was being trolled for not wearing sindoor in her recent photographs shared on Insta. The lady boss has hit back, saying: "It's my choice".

Newly married, TV actor Disha Parmar was being trolled for not wearing sindoor in her recent photographs shared on Insta. The lady boss has hit back, saying: “It’s my choice”.

Disha Parmar married singer Rahul Vaidya last month.

Rahul had expressed his love for Disha on National TV on Big Boss, and soon Disha accepted his proposal of marriage. The couple were earlier seen in a music video together – “Yaad Teri” – and then publicized their love story on Big Boss. Now, they are happily married, and their grand wedding took place in Mumbai.

Disha has been posting stunning pictures on her Instagram account, and her fans are going “awww”. But negative backlash broke out when she posted a picture of herself in a white top with red bangles and a mangalsutra without wearing vermillion (sindoor), which is a Hindu tradition for women after marriage. Some keepers of society started commenting “sindoor me kya problem hai?”, “Disha, sindoor kahan hai?” and so on.

Exhausted reading these comments by trolls, she finally replied in her recent post that “It’s her choice”, and society has no business getting triggered by her decision at all.

Her exact reply to trolls in her words, “Also to all the people who feel it’s their right to litter my comments with negativity because I am not wearing sindoor. It’s my choice! I wear it when I want to wear it. I am okay with it, my husband is okay with it, my family is okay with it! Why are you so triggered?”

The tradition of wearing vermilion

The colour vermilion, or sindoor, holds a great deal of significance in Indian society and Hindu mythology. The colour signifies the married status of a woman, and people believe that a wife wearing vermilion will make the husband prosperous.

Women have been burdened with a lot of traditions and superstitions for ages in the name of religion. Wouldn’t now be a good time to stick to what we truly believe?

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Women have to wear sindoor, mangalsutra, wedding ring, red bangles, and vermilion to show their marital status. Indian men, on the other hand, are not expected with any such marker to show their marital status. It seems like a conspiracy, to burden women with so many traditions and leaving men free with their own choices.

Is it implied by the numerous traditions that it is about extending the life and health of husbands; does that mean that women’s health and prosperity aren’t just as important? It is not only a woman who marries a man, but a man also marries her back.

It’s the 21st century and there has been an update in fashion, trends, and specifically in the power of women. Today’s woman is smart, wise, educated, and strong, and she can fight against all the odds.

If it’s her choice and then let it be.

Trolling like this, and Disha’s comment make me think of a memorable Bollywood film dialogue.

“Agar koi alag tarah se jeena chahta hai, toh usse jeene do. Har dil apni tarah dhadkata hai, har dil ko dhadakne do.” Which translates to “If somebody wishes to live differently, let them be. Every heart beats in its own way, Let it be.”

Life is very uncertain. Binding ourselves with so many norms and traditions of society that were created hundreds of years ago diminishes our happy moments. If a married woman doesn’t want to wear vermilion, let her be. Let her enjoy her happy moments, and don’t attack her for her choices.


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