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Teens Unstoppable, Attempting To Change Lives, One Teen At A Time

Teens Unstoppable was begun by 5 young women, who work to help teenagers believe in the power of their dreams, and create an equal world.

Teens Unstoppable was begun by 5 young women, who work to help teenagers believe in the power of their dreams, and create an equal world.

Teens Unstoppable is a Lean In circle based in Mumbai, that serves as a safe space for teenagers and young adults to voice out their opinions, discuss prevalent issues of adolescence, and make adulting a little easier. We also specially emphasize on the empowerment of girls of all strata of society, so that each girl can believe in herself and have the power to make her dreams come true with sheer talent and capabilities.

We strive to achieve an equal world, and hope to unite young opinions globally, so that we can live in an inclusive, compassionate, and unbiased environment, where every voice matters.

What is the story of Teens Unstoppable?

Teens Unstoppable began its journey with 5 members, who believed that they could bring about a change in society through relentless perseverance.

The organization is created and founded by Kavya Venkatesh, who believes that the youth have the power to uplift one another when our efforts are propelled well. Therefore, she invited 4 of her like-minded friends to begin with.

Our first meeting, when we decided to form Teens Unstoppable

After a pioneer meeting, we concluded that we could gain the support and attention of youngsters by using the prowess of social media. In the chaotic stream of content on the internet, we hoped to become a beacon of unity that would assimilate harmonious people who share the same cause as we do!

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Hence, we decided to raise awareness for many important topics relevant to youngsters, especially, and spread our word through inventive Instagram posts, reels, and website.

For smooth functioning, we divided our strengths into three departments to streamline engagement for our prospective members. Today, the 5 members build the robust Executive Board, with Kavya Venkatesh as the Circle Leader; and Sneha Yakkali, Smriti Venkatesh, Diya Iyer and Tejaswini Deshmukh leading the Design, Marketing, Public Relations, and Content team respectively!

Teens Unstoppable began online due to the pandemic

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, field work was minimum. Hence, we began our work on our Instagram page by chalking out monthly campaigns, interactive and educational sessions, informative interviews and workshops and fun-filled events. We started designing catchy and aesthetic posts with illuminating content on various issues.

Teens Unstoppable

It was truly an eye-opening journey for us. Running an autonomous organization is no cakewalk. There were tough deadlines and testy collaborators, and we were no experts. Each day, we got a better hang of what we aimed to achieve. We learnt what garnered more reach and what kind of content seemed relatable to a lot of people.

Slowly but surely, we attracted many teenagers and young adults like us to wanted to support, learn, and give their best towards our cause. We all strived to work like a well-oiled machine.

Some great ideas followed

As our number of members and followers increased, we began to get some great ideas from them. Our minimal think tank was expanding into an ingenious ocean of propositions! We realized the amount of potential people have when they are presented with a platform to voice their opinions, and we were glad to become the one for them.

Each member considered Teens Unstoppable as their own, because of which we were able to collect so many schemes in our brainstorming session. Instead of a pre-planned set-up, we strung our thoughts together by cooperative listening and opinionizing, to weave a chain of exhilarating projects that would uplift and change lives of people, one teen at a time.

We began with spreading holiday cheer and positivity

Let us take you through our exciting goals and their execution! One of our first projects was to spread the Holiday cheer on account of Christmas and New Year, when the entire world was shrouded in the glumness of the pandemic.

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We discussed why it was important to remain positive and suggested ways like practising projects like DIYS, game nights, karaoke and sending goodies to our loved ones by social distancing to keep optimism high in dismal times.

We aimed to spread awareness about girl love and gender biasing, for which we created sharable content for “Galantine’s Day” and outed the phrase- “More pizza rolls, Less gender roles!”

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For example, for Valentine’s Day, instead of the conventional posts, we encouraged our followers to practice self-love. In the Insta-perfect world, one undermines their own talents and qualities, but we aimed to signify the importance of breaking social convention and realizing self-worth, which helps to combat notions like inferiority complexes and anxiety.

Feminism & gender

Women’s Day was a true milestone for us, when we were able to spread awareness against gender bias, introduced successful women in STEM and other fields, highlighting the fact that today’s woman is in no way less than a man. We all deserve equality and freedom that can be achieved by widening our aperture.

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We soon began collaborating with different organizations and experts to conduct workshops and interviews with them.

‘Unfiltered’ was our Body Positivity campaign in which we spoke and learnt about different types of bodies, body stereotyping, its negative impact on people and how we can be more woke about the subject. We even began a podcast on Spotify and was received with a lot of affection from people of all ages!

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Our events became more and more inclusive, and we launched a campaign for an All-India pandemic relief by collaborating and sharing information about other such organizations and aggregating our resources. We also spearheaded a mental health campaign to break stigmas related to its diagnosis and encouraged people to come out of their shells.

Pride Month on Teens Unstoppable

Our biggest hit was most certainly Pride Month, in which we honoured the LGBT community and its allies through a literal rainbow of posts handling every dimension of pride.

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We stepped it up by hosting our first Virtual Pride Fair as a celebration of sorts, conducted a T-shirt designing contest to cater to people’s creativity and enjoyed a Pride themed movie night. We encouraged people to address the plethora of pronouns more sensitively. Our platform also served as a portal to share anonymous coming out stories which touched the hearts of hundreds of people.

Along with projects like these, we encapsulate the gems of pop-culture which give a new approach to woebegone stereotypes in our segment called ‘Now Reviewing’.

Period positivity & menstrual hygiene

Our newest project called ‘End of Sentence’ focuses on period positivity and menstrual hygiene. After months of work online, we have entered into a new epsilon of fundraising.

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Through a series of interactive and immersive workshops on different topics, we encourage people to participate and donate generously, which will help us to donate sanitary kits to rural girls and women through another organization named Goonj. Our newest merchandize release will also help us towards this. We hope for many such endeavours and make our organization an ‘archive of the future’.

The official colour of Teens Unstoppable is a brilliant purple- a hue of tranquillity and humility. Our organization is a testament to what the youth can achieve through synergetic efforts. With an army of 25 members and more than 450 followers, we try to encourage every young mind to become an introspective trailblazer. We aspire to bring about a confluence of creativity, inner will and charisma which will transform us into the best version of ourselves!


Find Teens Unstoppable here.

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