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Popular Games with Female Lead

Due to the change in gaming industry, we have lately seen a lot of female characters leading big games

Due to the change in gaming industry, we have lately seen a lot of female characters leading big games.

It is no surprise that women have been understated in the gaming industry for long, be it developing or leading as the protagonist in the game but times are changing as the industry is being championed by women in every aspect. Because of the change in gaming industry, we have lately seen a lot of female characters leading big games.

Last few years have blessed us with a lot of great games and so many of them had female leads, which is a great change and will work in great benefit of the prosperity of the gaming industry. Here are some of our picks that had a female character for the protagonist.

1. Assassins Creed Syndicate

Assassins Creed is one of the big names that introduced a badass, tough brat of a woman named Evie Frye as a playable character alongside her brother, Jacob. Evie has remained a fan favorite and a really popular character in the Assassins Creed Franchise.

2. Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra from Assassins Creed Odyssey makes it to the list really easy. The goddess of strength, hiding an emotional side behind all those pieces of armor became a favorite the very instant people got to play her storey in the game.

3. Tomb Raider Series

This one HAD to be on this list. Tomb Raider is probably the franchise that is leading this department of videogames with female leads. The Tomb Raider franchise released its first game in 1996 with Lara Croft as the sole protagonist of the game. Since then, Lara Croft is probably the fictional woman with most videogames to her name.

4. Bayonetta

Bayonetta is undeniably a tough woman, not just skimpy clothes. Bayonetta is a game with the same name as its protagonist woman; the deadly girl that doesn’t cower in the face of danger rather enjoys it.

5. Mirror’s Edge

Faith Connors from the game, Mirror’s Edge is one of the famous women from video games. She has appeared twice, first in the original game and then in its reboot. What makes Faith stand out is that her body isn’t over sexualized and that is so rare in games.

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6. Resident Evil 3

Horror games might be the last place where you’d find a female protagonist but games like Dead By Daylight are bringing in the popular horror icons as playable characters be it male or female. But Resident Evil’s badass monster-slayer Jill Valentine from RE3 is a favorite of so many souls around the globe and there are many reasons for it.

7. The Walking Dead

Clementine isn’t really the focal point of the game but she is considered the best part of the game by many people around the world. Robert Kirkman somehow managed to complete the game even after telltale was shut down just because the demand to play as Clementine and complete her story was just too great from the fans.

8. Horizon: Zero Dawn

My personal favorite. This game is just too good to be ignored and its protagonist, the pretty lass named Aloy, and her story is just a rollercoaster ride of emotions that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

9. Celeste

Celeste made significant waves as an indie game. It is a beautiful game about a girl named Madeline who is all set and determined to climb a mountain called Celeste. Celeste is said to be one of the best indie studio products.

10. Assassins Creed Valhalla

You can’t deny the fact that Ubisoft is doing a great job when it comes to introducing great playable female characters. Just like its predecessors, Valhalla has a similar option of choosing between a male or a female playable character and people are just going crazy for the badass Norse woman warrior called Layla.

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