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His Reason To Reject Me for Marriage? The Shape of My Legs!

My fiancé told me my legs looked undesirable, and if I could not make my legs shape straight within a month, he would not marry me.

My fiancé told me my legs looked undesirable and if I could not make my legs shape straight within a month, he would not marry me.

I am 25 years old. Just like every typical Indian family, my family fixed my marriage due to the pressure built by influential relatives. These relatives would pretend to be concerned but would constantly interfere in my life.

My family believes that 25 is the deadline for getting married. And only after marriage will I be tagged as a ‘settled’ woman! So, I did as they wished.


Make your legs straight within a month or else!

After a month of talking with the guy with whom my marriage was fixed, he figured out from my pics on social media that my legs are bowed (which is not an abnormal thing and just a natural leg shape found in many humans).

He immediately called me and asked me to consult a physiotherapist or undergo surgery to make my legs shape straight. He also stated that if I could not make my legs shape straight within a month then he would not marry me because according to him my legs shape were not desirable and looked weird!


I told him: ‘My legs are not damaged but your brain definitely is…’

I was devastated and wondered how could he break a relationship just because of my legs’ shape. That’s when I realized that some men think and pee from the same place! Their definition of perfection is just an illusion!

Hurt and disturbed, I wondered what I should do. When he called me the next time, I  gathered courage and told him , “My legs are not damaged but your brain definitely is!” And then I blocked him right away.

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Don’t let people’s opinions define your worth.

This incident taught me something valuable which I hope all women and girls follow. You cannot let other people’s opinions about you define you and your worth!

We all need food, clothing, shelter, good health, and yes money to keep these factors constant for our survival.

You don’t need a husband to secure your future or to keep you happy! A husband is not your life but just an addition to it. Study, work hard, and provide these things for yourself.  Only you are responsible for your happiness.  


Image source: A still from the movie Kabir Singh


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