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Journey To The Eastern Ghats – A Trip For Mindfulness

Posted: June 9, 2021

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I started on an unknown road, as I believe every road has a story to tell. Once I began my journey, no matter what the weather or the route, I kept moving.

During my high school days, I was unaware of the beauty of this world. I followed a daily schedule which swung between school, tuition, and home. I was following a repetitive routine. Then I stepped out for College life. It was full of colors, energy, vivid emotions, and flaming enthusiasm. Our dreams were big, full of wishes, desires, and needs. The experience of college life, can never be revived. But I can dream about the past with best of those memories. Here I am penning down my solo travel experience with a mixed bag of odds and evens.

How my journey began

I am an individual with a lot of curiosity for learning and exploring the beauty around me. Solo traveling is what I opted for, after close fighting with Covid-19. I headed to the Eastern Ghats, a tribal village called Kakiriguma, in Odisha. As I was running out of money, I thought to keep my travel close to my hometown. I planned in such a way where I did hitchhiking. This kind of traveling is normally done by those, who have no money or very little money. So I started from Bhubaneswar to Nayagarh by tractor to visit a farm. Which I found to be covered with lush greenery and farm animals. I halted for some days and volunteered for them in farming and cooking. I had a lot of interest in visiting a monastery, which was a 7-8 hours journey from the farm. I started on an unknown road, as I believe every road has a story to tell. Once I began my journey, no matter what the weather or the route, I kept moving. By observing the funny folks around, I started believing a part of them and the area. Reached one of my destination, a monastery called Jiranga. Tibetan camps were around as if they are keeping an eye for this beautiful monastery and get liveliness from the monks.

The journey unfolds with interesting experiences

After that, I headed towards my final destination, a tribal village of kakiriguma. This place is surrounded by an enthralling vista of sturdy mountains and prolific foliage. Inside the village, there was a tribe with  rich culture. Everywhere there is a pattern and synchronization. Whatever we can get in this village is made with so much care, effort, and passion. A sacramental mindset might lead us to a state, where each part of nature has the power of healing. Be it walking into misty meadows, exploring the rich culture, lodging with creatures, or Yoga to align with our mind and body. We can take time to understand nature and explore more of its creations and beauty. Where the innermost essence is special in every human being, showcase the diversity. A trip to nature will satiate the soul’s thirst for wisdom- later to freedom. I believe my journey towards an unknown was the best way to find the ultimate version of myself where I penned down the experience and secrets, even the ones that I was not aware of.

Self realisation after my enthralling journey

When thinking about college life as a teenager, there was fear, anxiety and a self-controlled soul packed within. Now, life has turned into something where the understanding has brushed up and it is not about the money, but about the management of time, where we can utilize our energy carefully.

My decision to travel after getting this popular virus was a healing therapy. It was an epitome of cognizance. Either the dream about traveling or worries about money or dwelling into the past college life, it is high time to take a break for ourselves and refill our soul with wisdom like a pen. In short, life is a journey to the self, for the self. Live it to the fullest.

Image source: Pixabay

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