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How to Persuade Heart Patients That They Need Cardiac Health Insurance?

The need for cardiac health insurance comes in handy as it easily covers these costs by financially protecting yourself from all the expenses

The need for cardiac health insurance comes in handy as it easily covers these costs by financially protecting yourself from all the expenses.

If you have older people at your home, you know how hard it is to convince them about the change in today’s lifestyle and healthcare needs. The same is the case when dealing with heart patients. They easily won’t accept their health condition and ignore the need for having cardiac health insurance.

Indians – The Most Affected Victims of Cardiac Diseases

As per a study conducted in the popular health journal “The Lancet” until 2016, the estimated number of CVD-affected people in India was 54. 5 million. However, death rates were not that high and rounded to approximately 3.7 million in 2019. Today, the figures are disturbing that one out of four deaths in India is caused by a heart attack or stroke, which makes it more severe than any other health condition. The major reason for ongoing cardiac disease is the unhealthy diet, polluted environmental conditions, depression, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and lack of physical exercises. Over this is the skyrocketing medical bills that are incurred for the treatment of heart-related diseases.

Should I buy cardiac health insurance when I already have life insurance?

Ensuring a healthy heart doesn’t mean following a healthy lifestyle practice alone but also involves securing yourself against the massive financial costs incurred for treating cardiac diseases. The medical expenses incurred for treating cardiovascular disease are double the amount of normal health treatments and overrun the sum insured of a life insurance cover. For example, to undergo angioplasty, you need somehow to have a 3 lakhs minimum in a metro city hospital. Similarly, an open heart surgery involves a cost of around 4 lakhs or above, depending on the severity of the condition.

It is not always possible to have enough financial backup, especially at these tough times of the COVID pandemic, as the whole economy has gone down in terms of finance. That’s where the need for cardiac health insurance comes in handy as it easily covers these costs by financially protecting yourself from all the expenses incurred to treat CVDs and related conditions. Moreover, with the increased number of CVD-affected patients, numerous health insurance providers have customized health insurance plans specifically catered to meet the heart disease and conditions.

Reasons to have cardiac health insurance for heart patients

  1. To fight the increasing lifestyle disease – People under 45 are more prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and increased blood pressure. While buying cardiac health insurance, you can take a prudent step in combating the disease, making it easier to take care of medical bills.

  2. To financially protect your family – If you have a suitable health insurance plan, you need not worry about your aging parents and their medical treatment as ideal cardiac health insurance secures your entire family under the same policy.

  3. To deal with the rising medical bills – Day by day, the pharmaceutical industry is showing a hike in heart care medications with the increased technology as well. By opting for suitable cardiac health insurance, you have to pay affordable premiums every year, which will offer quality treatment in case of a medical emergency.

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  4. To protect your hard-earned savings – We all know how hard it is to sustain ourselves in this competitive world. Having a job with good pay is a blessing unless an emergency strikes. An unforeseen illness can cause mental stress and depression, leading to several other health issues, with financial drainage. When buying cardiac health insurance, you can take care of the medical expenses without emptying your savings. Moreover, cardiac health insurance offers tax benefits, which further increase your hard-earned savings. And the premium you pay towards cardiac health insurance has tax benefits under the Income Tax Act.

Bottom line

Care Health Insurance offers cardiac health check-ups on a cashless basis as per the sum insured to help you manage the hefty medical bills incurred at the hospital at the time of a medical emergency.

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