DC Makers Said ‘Batman Doesn’t Do Oral Sex’, And The Internet Erupted

The Internet never loses an opportunity to meme. So, when a DC executive had objections to Batman giving oral sex to Catwoman, this is what happened.

The Internet never loses an opportunity to meme. So, when a DC executive had objections to Batman giving oral sex to Catwoman, this is what happened.

NSFW Alert: This has some adult content that would not be safe for work or children.

A few days ago, a DC executive said that a scene in which Batman went down on Catwoman in the new Harley Quinn show had to be cut. Why? “Heroes don’t do that.”

Some DC representative argued that this was because they wouldn’t be able to sell Batman toys and action figures to children if such a scene was included, but the Internet called bullshit on that one immediately.

Superhero movies, including those made by DC, sometimes include sex or implied sex scenes, and even include mentions of or scenes about sexual assault. If they can show that with no qualms, what’s wrong with showing consensual sex between two adults that just happens to please a female character?

Of course, the Internet had a field day, or several. Here are some of the funniest things people had to say about this event.

Some said that it might have to do with his ‘superhero identity’ and ‘civilian identity’ being different.


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Or let’s say he really doesn’t. Catwoman isn’t going to accept that. She is going to an island filled with women warriors, home of Wonder Woman.

What if he does something else instead?


Some were reminded of a similar scandal in which DJ Khaled said the same about himselfto quote from the link, ‘that while he “never” goes down on his wife, he expects her to fellate him on the reg nonetheless: “It’s different rules for men,” he said. “You gotta understand, we the king.”’


People lost their minds at Zack Snyder’s statement directly against DC’s stance. When someone who has directed a bunch of Batman movies, like Snyder has, tells you what Batman does and doesn’t do, you listen.

Other verified twitter accounts, owned by celebrities and big names, joined the fun…


…especially if they’ve written Batman before.

Also, whoever named this entire thing “pussygate” was a genius.

Because who cares what DC says?


No one expected this, did they?


Image source: YouTube

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