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Posted: April 18, 2021

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It’s a trap. What now? What beyond it? This abyss. There lies, their lies-utterly undetectable, perfectly undecipherable.

What are these multitudes?
Trying to boggle me down, gobble me up….
All these voices, surrounding me –
like echoes from a far-away land,
like fireflies floating inside the heart –
buzzing, beaming, full of frivolous energy.
And they unsettle. The edges of quietude.

Isn’t it supposed to make one feel –
at home?
But somehow, it almost doesn’t. Lead –

Home – what is that anyhow?
A space – for self, for safety,
for comfort.
Or just a place – where you return,
because there’s nowhere else to go?

Whatever it is, chaos is it?
Or a zone with –
white noises floating freely
All around…..
Serving some weird purpose –
like mere creation – of voices, noises.

Where does it leave one then?
What does it do? What purpose?

To unsettle, control, rephrase-
Even when it shouldn’t.
But yet, it does-
in the name of norms-
to justify it all-
the mess, the decisions, the arbitrariness.

It pushes, shoves, threatens-
attempting to overthrow-
over the edges-of sanity.
reshaping, molding understandings,
overpowering- the right noises.

It’s a trap. What now? What beyond it?
This abyss. There lies, their lies-
utterly undetectable, perfectly undecipherable.
And amidst it all, screaming for the guts to speak –
wanting to be heard, beyond voices,
there is – shrill, noisy silence.

Can you hear it?

Image source: pixabay

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