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Follow Your Heart

Do we complain about things in the beautiful house? Do we constantly curse the traffic while sitting in our car? Biggest question: Are we unhappy?

Do we complain about things in the beautiful house? Do we constantly curse the traffic while sitting in our car? Biggest question: Are we unhappy?

Ah! How many times we have heard our parents, friends, loved ones say this to us, especially when we are emotionally down or need to make a decision. And how many times we have seen ourselves responding, ‘it isn’t so easy!’ I think it is time to figure out why it isn’t easy and what can make it Easy.

What does following the Heart mean?

Have we come across terms like ‘follow the instincts’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘feelings’? And similar terminologies? I have come to believe that it all means ‘follow your heart.’

But how does one get there? Let us explore, what happens when we do not follow ‘our instincts’.

Emotional Turmoil

– Unhappy: With or without any reason! This is the state one associates oneself with primarily

– Guilty: Either self-inflicted or easily being pushed into guilt by others

– Self-doubt: constantly questioning our choices and decisions

– Thankless: first reaction to any situation is complain. Gratitude is unheard of

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– Victim mentality: always feel like life is unfair

– Regret: ‘I wish I had or hadn’t done this’ attitude

I believe these are the few emotions, which are our constant companions if we ‘DO NOT FOLLOW THE HEART”

Is Following the Heart only for the bigger things in life?

We are currently in our choice of career, have the company of the love of our life, have purchased the house and car of our choice, and similar ‘bigger’ decisions in life.

Let us answer this now: Do we constantly crib about the work day with our colleagues? Do we argue over silly things with our spouse? Do we complain about things in the beautiful house? Do we constantly curse the traffic while sitting in our car? Biggest question: Are we unhappy?

If the answer seems to be yes for the above questions, then one needs to understand that following the heart does not end after making the ‘big decisions’ of life. It needs to penetrate into every breathe we take. For e.g.:

– Saying yes to yourself and no to others if you ‘feel’ so

– Not do things just because you are ‘expected’ to do it

– Choosing to get out of situations/habits without justifications for it

– Keeping yourself as a priority

The ‘Smaller Things’ do really matter!

Mind and Heart

I believe there are two primary voices within us:

– The mind: this voice is the result of what we absorb from our outer circumstances and people. It is trained, always has reasoning, follows a pattern.

– Heart: this voice is what comes from within us. Has the possibility to makes us sound weird to the ‘minds of others’.

The trick is identify both the voices and follow the one which stands true for us!

How to follow the Heart?

Believe, that the heart will always guide us to true happiness! I have been following a simple formula:

1. Listen to the heart? how to?

2. Be aware of the voice of the heart. how to?

3. Be in the present moment.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Till it becomes the way of life….

Signs that say you are following your heart

There are signs I have experienced over a period of time on what ‘following the heart’ could look like to others, as well as to one’s own self:

– Resistance: If our heart filled decision or a choice comes with resistance from the outside world and even from our own mind, it sure is a sign that we have begun listening to the heart.

– Unorthodox: Our ideas and thoughts start becoming unorthodox in comparison to our old-conventional-mind driven self, and is looked upon as ‘possibly crazy’, then yes, we have begun listening to the heart

– State of Happiness: If we start being happy, ‘even with changes around us, most people not in alignment with us and in all kinds of circumstances’, then, Oh My God, we only listen to our heart!

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences, I would highly recommend collecting your own 😉

Rabindranath Tagore said, “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.”

So I choose to simply follow the heart. Do you?

Published here first.

Image source: Pixabay

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