No Matter What Your Politics, Kangana’s Abusive Language Is Not OK

Why do you use such abusive language, Kangana? Politics of the matter aside, do you think that gives your opinions any special meaning?!

Why do you use such abusive language, Kangana? Politics of the matter aside, do you think that gives your opinions any special meaning?!

This is not for the first time that Kangana Ranaut and her controversial posts are in news. It’s has now almost become her ‘daily routine’ to post something on social media and be in the news.

I won’t comment on the issues she talks about, or the politics of it, no matter which party or ideology she supports. That is not the topic of discussion here. What really concerns me is her language, which I think is very derogatory.

Why you uses these kind of words Kangana? Why? Even if she says something right, her words make the whole point look bad; I do not think that to make her point she needs to use abusive words.

The Rihanna Kangana incident

First of all, let’s talk about the recent incident.

Kangana Ranaut called international pop sensation Rihanna a “fool” after the latter extended her support to the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. Rihanna tweeted about it, saying, “why are we not talking about it?” To her tweet here come Kangana’s reply “Nobody is talking because they are terrorists, not farmers. Shut up you fool, we are not selling our country like you. ”

Continuing her Twitter tirade against Rihanna, Kangana did not stop here and poured out some other tweets against her. She named the pop star ‘left wing role model’ and ‘libru role model’, and also posted some of Rihanna’s photos from when she was a survivor of domestic violence, jeering at her. You can see the language of these tweets yourself on social media.

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However, after this Kangana was trolled by so many netizens for posting some of Rihana’s photos and for captioning them in bad light. Some even posted Kangana’s movie photos to make her understand that this is nothing to do with the topic. What does Kangana want to prove by tweeting such things?

Tapsee Vs Kangana

Actress Tapsee Pannu fearlessly spoke about violence during the farmers’ movement on Republic Day. After international pop star, Rihanna tweeted about farmers’ protests in India, a bunch of Bollywood celebrities voiced out their opinions in solidarity with the government.

On this, Taapsee Pannu said “If one tweet rattles your unity, one joke rattles your faith or one show rattles your religious belief then it’s you who has to work on strengthening your value system not become ‘propaganda teacher’ for others.”

Though Taapsee did not take any name, Kangana was quick to reply. She wrote ‘b grade logo ki b grade soch”. Such beautiful words, right?!

*insert facepalm

“Teri maa ko main gali doon it will rattle your belief dumbo? National platforms pe uska apman karu… I know you will strengthen your love not do anything tabhi toh tere jaise dusaron ki rotiyon pe palne wale paltu hote hain…kabhi kuch aur nahin ban pate, chup kar aab”.

Twitter war of Kangna and Diljit Dosanjh

You must have heard about Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana’s tweet war earlier, but it has started once again.

While responding to Kangana’s sarcastic post about his song, Diljit wrote, “2 Rupees.. don’t tell me what your job is. Made the song in half an hour.. I feel like making a song on you will take 2 minutes.. everywhere you have to speak. Go away, don’t bore us. Do your work.”

Later, Kangana wrote, “Mera ek he kaam jai Desh Bhakti … wahi karti hoon sara din.. main toh wahi karungi lekin tera kaam tujhe nahin karne dungi Khalistani….”

To this Diljit replied, “Are you even making sense. Don’t try to be God saying ‘Main Nahi Karne Dungi’. Who are you? You are just getting into the conversation for no reason. No one is talking about you.”

The twitter war went on and Kangan wrote, “Desh sirf Bhartiyon ka hai, Khalistanion ka nahin, bol tu Khalistani nahin hai, please say you condemn fringe groups such as Khalistanis participating in protests. If you say this I will apologise and consider you a true patriot. Please say I am waiting.” Replying to this, Diljit tweeted, “We stand with India”.

I mean Kangna is no one to give ‘Deshbhakt ka certificate’ to anyone. She has been one of my favourite artists, but after reading such language, I wonder what has happened to her!

Not just Kangana, the language of any leader, celebrity /star or idol should not be like this. When you talk with others in such hateful language of course you will get the same back! Kangana’s language looks like a street goon’s – I mean, really? ‘porn star girl, b grade thinking, khalistani”. How would she feel if someone speaks to her just like the way she speaks?

You may not be able to see some of Kangana’s tweets as Twitter has deleted them due to violation of hate speech rules. In its statement, Twitter wrote, “We have taken action on tweets that were violating our language rules.” Yes, you will still find screenshots of her tweets throughout social media.

Dear Kangana, if only you could have understood this before twitter… Neither am I for your issue nor against. Just your language is condemnable to me.

Image source: Kangana Ranaut Instagram

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