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Boom In Virtual Work During And After Pandemic

Remote work has now become the norm, one can take charge of their life, escape the 9-5, spend more time with the kiddo, get more Me-time.

Remote work has now become the norm, one can take charge of their life, escape the 9-5, spend more time with the kiddo, get more Me-time.

Corona has been the greatest teacher in the year 2020. We have learned that we can not only work remotely but be more productive than ever. And now Remote work isn’t going anywhere, in fact it has boomed than ever and has now become a trend. More and more businesses are switching as they have realized that the future is remote

The Pandemic:

Almost everyone was home arrested when corona entered the world. For initial months everyone enjoyed being home and having hot meals with family. But as time passed, everyone realized that sitting idle at home is not going to help people, companies, the world and its economy.

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, companies of all shapes and sizes faced a deluge of inquiries from customers, employees and the public at large. The challenge was to return-to-workplace, plan and engage with customers and employees in the “new normal.” 

Virtual work

While virtual work is quite common in the US, UK and other countries, India, facing economic uncertainty and a fierce competitive environment, was forced to experiment with technology and start again with a virtual approach. COVID-19 proved that remote work is suitable for both employees and businesses! Companies are now enjoying the switch because it saves time, money, and has created happier environments

Many people were skeptical of the benefits of working from home. The change in daily schedules, various disturbances while on call or video call, but now it’s been happening for months and many businesses and employees have successfully navigated the concept. 

Benefits of virtual work to companies: 

  • Reduction in costs:
    • You are exempted to pay hefty rents for office spaces.
    • Electricity charges, Telephone and internet charges are saved.
    • Maintenance of office, cleaning and other admin tasks which used to take time and money – now comes to your own pocket.
    • During the pandemic, everyone wanted to save their job and businesses and hence were ready to work from home on reduced salaries also – another save.
  • More productivity and efficiency: When people are able to control their schedules and take care of their children and family, they get a different type of motivation and are more productive.

Benefits to the employees / service providers:

  • People have been able to work from the comfort of their own home, draw their morning routines which does not involve jumping out of bed, getting dressed, and facing that long commute to the office. All of that time and energy is saved and can be used more optimally.
  •  Connections Are Valued – We may have taken our in-office relationships for granted. But virtual work taught us to value our connections, as you can get any work done with a call. 
  • Opportunities to grow: Many of us took advantage of this time to really hone their current skill-set as educational institutes and government facilitated the free courses. The more you learn and master the skills – the better chances you’ll have of getting hired at a higher rate. 
  • If you are a freelancer or running your own business, this would be the best time to make more money. The best part is you don’t need to work full-time, you can choose your time of work. You make the rules, and you decide how much you want to charge for your services. The possibilities are endless!

My experience

As an entrepreneur of a small firm myself, I have seen a boom in demand of virtual assistants during this pandemic. Well, in the first two months of lockdown there was zero business as everyone was actually trying to figure out the situation and try to avoid catching the virus. 

But in later phase, when it was clear that this pandemic was to stay for a while in this world and now it was time to figure out how to be at home and continue our work. I  approached a few small business owners / Solopreneurs and explained the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and converted them into my clients. 

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After pandemic has ushered, the corporate of all sizes have adopted work-from-home policies, which has reduced large portions of their workforce to commute to a downtown location. This saves travelling – hence saving fuel, less traffic and less pollution.

Remote work has now become the norm, one can take charge of their life, escape the 9-5, spend more time with the kiddo, get more Me-time. A survey recently predicted that as much as 50% of company’s employees could be working remotely in the next five to ten years. It is also predicted that financial markets – the post pandemic world will be more efficient.

Image source: Pexels

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