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Was The Young Mother And Baby’s Death Suicide, Or Murder?

The news of the suicide of a young-mother and her baby due to torture from her in-laws made me wonder, was it suicide or murder?

The news of the suicide of a young mother and her baby due to torture from her in-laws made me wonder, was it suicide or murder?

Trigger warning: This post contains details of suicide and death by suicide which may be triggering to survivors and certain readers.

Today an article from August 2020 came up in my news feed. A well-educated woman jumped from her balcony along with her 9-month-old baby. It was reported that she did so as she was unable to bear the torture from her in-laws.

The 29-year-old woman’s husband works in the IT sector. He had sent her to his parents’ home in Guntur when the lockdown began as they were unable to handle the expenditure of the house and the baby. The man thought that she would get help from his parents, but they made her work while taking care of a 9-month-old baby.

Her husband did not heed to her requests of help and thought she was over-reacting and so she did what she thought was best, taking her own life. Her in-laws have been taken into custody and are being questioned.

We all know what happens next

Now we all know what will happen – people will forget about her and her child. The husband himself would get bail for his parents and in a few months, they would probably be free from all accusations. Next year he will marry another girl and the cycle will begin again.

Please don’t be shocked, this is what will happen. Everyone talks of justice, but in Indian society who gets it? The family would be welcomed back into their society and extended family.

Doesn’t that mean all those people are supporting the wrong side? And doesn’t that make them associates to the woman and her baby’s murderers? According to Hindu mythology, we will reap the effects of our good and bad doings after our death. However, there is hardly any good, most of it is bad.

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They are the reason for the loss of two innocent lives but they will live free and suffer no punishments for their wrong-doings. Soon, they will get another doll to toy with and maybe in another two or three years, we will see another article about another suicide.

Why even educate them if this is what we’ll do to them?

Today I ask all parents, how can you marry your daughter to a man like that, knowing that he is responsible for a woman’s death? If you really hate your daughters, I suggest you fulfil their last wishes. Who knows, soon, you might just hear about her suicide (or murder)?

I feel such people should be categorized as serial killers. There are so many cases in India where rapists have served their sentences and returned home to get married. Basically, it’s just like someone just gave him legal permission to rape a new woman. Many acid throwers, eve-teasers, sexual abusers and all such jerks are able to get married easily and find victims they can legally abuse.

After reading all this I have a suggestion to offer to the governments of the world. Rather than doing everything to save girls, give them free education or the kanya support, why don’t you start boot camps to train them on easy ways of killing themselves? So it could basically be a boot camp and make it mandatory for every female born on earth.

If you cannot help save them from the abuse at least make it easier to end their sorry lives. I am not writing in anger, this is a request. And all of you disgusting parents/guardians forcing their daughters to marry such men, I hope there is a special place for you in hell.

Please help if you see someone suffering

The way Scotland has made pads free, you should make poison free of cost because often, these girls don’t even have money for that. I am sure this would add to your good deeds. After all, you are, indirectly, someone by ending their sufferings.

I am sure this adds lesser negative points than standing by the murderers. Every hospital, Anganwadi, Sewa Kendra, basically any kind of office should have free poison vending machines for such people.

I request the general public, when you hear cries of help, please do help. If someone had helped that woman maybe she and her child would be alive. Her neighbours, maid, milkman, they might have known but they decided to stay quiet.

They are equally responsible for those two deaths but our justice system cannot punish them. I am sure they have no conscience otherwise they would have done at least something. Today I just want to say I am sure there is another awesome place for all of you in hell too.

Picture credits: Photo by Felipe Cespedes from Pexels

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