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The Magic Of 2 Pink Lines And The Anguish Of Untimely Bleed… He Won’t Understand

He won’t understand the pain as it was 'just a few months' of pregnancy, and I'm supposed to let go and smile; 'behave normal'.

He won’t understand the pain as it was ‘just a few months’ of pregnancy, and I’m supposed to let go and smile; ‘behave normal’.

The emotions that range from seeing those two pink lines to an untimely bleed,
The nightmares faced and fears concede,
Insomnia and palpitations unheard and unsaid,
The loss of someone so dear that tears rolled more than dread,
The feeling of choking and hesitation to cry out loud,
The unclear words and trance all around.

He won’t understand how much it costs you to behave normal
You have lost not just one life within but a part of yourself too,
The crying never stops in the heart but has to.
He won’t understand that while you laugh at all the jokes around, a smiling face bears the scar of the past,
A failure hard to deal with, a victory never sung for.

A battle between fate and faith
Between acceptance and change
Between forgiving and rage —
Tearing you apart but no shoulder to lean on.
‘Being practical’ snatched away the liberty to mourn,
He won’t understand the burden of feelings disowned.

Most of his thoughts would be around his work,
Even before bed there’s talk of completing chores and verbal perks,
It’s easy to carry on and advice the same,
He never felt the little one so he just cannot be blamed.

It’s you O lady that have to console yourself and move on,
Sleeping will be difficult and smiling will be killing
But, you have to do it.

He will toil and prove his merit at work
But you O lady have to build yourself again from scratch,
You have just one self to prove and with expectations you have to detach.

You have to ‘understand’ his goals and work pressures,
While he won’t understand compassion
Will be ‘stoic’ instead of standing strong together!

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He may want to stop you cry but will not be able to figure out how,
His office tasks and mails to send will take a step forward now,
He has told you once that you have to cope up and his part is done,
After all it’s duty first for him, and ladies- they cry at every small instance!

Don’t expect him to understand and your part is done,
Cherish whatever magic you felt with your little one,
Mourn the loss when around there’s none,
Tears have an immense power to bury the burden!

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