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Why Men Are Praised For Something That Is Considered A Duty For A Woman

Posted: November 27, 2020

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We all consider ourself as modern and feel that we have brought so much change in us.

In India, still, the daughter in law has to take permission from her in-laws for her job. She has to think about various methods by which she can please her in-laws. She always feels scared that she might not hurt her in-laws unintentionally.

Things are still stuck in the ancient time, the woman is allowed to work but on various terms and conditions.  She is expected to manage her home and her office.  On the other hand, the man is not expected to manage his home.

The housewives these days are the ones who are hardly in light. We often forget to appreciate the housewives. They are the ones who work without even getting paid. We take them for granted and feel that it is their job. They have to do it anyhow.

Man on the other hand is appreciated if they make tea during snack time. They are considered caring and helpful even for a cup of tea. What about the woman who works day and night and sacrifices her dreams just to fulfil everyone’s needs. She is never asked to take rest, she is never told to take a day off and go shopping or watch a movie. People never ask about her needs or dreams.  If she is not able to do something people often mock at her. A man is always appreciated for anything they do.

A fast that a woman does for her husband is considered her duty. If a man does for her woman then he is considered a caring and ideal man. He is appreciated for his efforts. People talk about it for days.

Be it the household chores or even taking care of kids are gendered. If a woman does it is considered her duty and if a man does it is appreciated. Though things have slightly changed from the past, people are now thinking from the woman’s perspective, the mass media has played a huge role in this.

Movies like English Vinglish are a prime example where they talk about the hardship of housewife and how they are treated.

India has come a long way but we need to do more, we need to work more to achiever gender equality. Fast should not be gendered, they should not be a duty for a woman. If a man is appreciated for doing it then the woman should also be appreciated. Even a woman who doesn’t fast should be respected and they should not be humiliated for their choice.  It should be their choice.

Image is a still from the movie Ki & Ka

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