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Healing Often Happens When You Sit With Yourself And Listen To Your Mind

Posted: November 27, 2020

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How many times have you decided to sit back with your own self? How many times do we decide to take ourselves out on a solo date? How many times do we enjoy our own company? You need to tune in, you need to mix up, you’ve got to have company to beat that loneliness and be happy. But this same widely practiced and preached method to achieve happiness also produces the loneliest of souls. You can be in a group of friends and still feel lonely, still feel sad inside. This is so wrong, this entire method of living our life is so dàmn wrong. This whole idea of company where we’ve based our life on this axis is so wrong. It doesn’t work this way.

Healing sometimes happen in loneliness, sometimes you need to sit with yourself and listen to your mind and tune in to the rhythm of your heart, sometimes you need to straighten up your spine and support your self and sometimes you need heartbreaks to force you into this process of self care and contribute towards your healing.

Take yourself out on dates, devour that hot chocolate and pan cake alone, order your favourite dish, do something out of your habit, join that guitar class you’ve been thinking about for so long, go on that solo trip, explore the lesser explored places around those touristy spots, taste the local cuisine, enjoy the local drink in the company of locals, form new connections only to move forward and never look back, work on yourself, on your mind and body, take up that dance challenge, even that marathon, take that quiz, participate in mind games and sharpen your deadliest weapon.

Sit in the company of nature, spend time with the speechless, be kind and care for the injured, extend that hand of help and experience how this material world of human company crumbles around you, how that glass wall around you shatters, how you experience a certain gush if fresh and cold air that redefines breathing for you. Experience love in the soft wind blowing, in the view of fresh dew on the grass sparkling like a diamond, in the fragrance of dandelions exciting your nostrils, in the soft fur of that dog that stays quiet and keeps you company while you experience all this.

Sometimes all you need is to distance yourself from people and reach for the sky, touch the earth, feel the nature around you and experience quiet live of an animal and enjoy your own company.

Image via Pixabay

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