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Dreams Keep Changing

Posted: November 3, 2020

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

“Sometimes everything seems to be fading away but you never know how and in which way your dreams may be disguised.”

I have always been a dreamy person

I have always been a dreamy person. In eight grade I was dreaming that one day Michael Jordan will train me -so I continued with my basketball game for 7 years. I wished to play for open states which I did in the very beginning, wished for Nationals, got selected many times but because of SAs wasn’t able to go, wished to play for North-West Zone so I did and many more wishes.

However, I started having bizarre allergies and injuries so I had to drop that dream of mine. I was all at sea and wasn’t able to open up to reality wondering what I will do in life as because my biggest dream had just vanished. All seven years seem like nothing but a blur. 

A second shot

After contemplating for a while I thought why not to give a try to civil services. Then I switched to studying for banking exams. I studied a lot and it was really difficult at the initial levels but then I met a great mentor and he really helped me to reach from 25 to 58 points. I started dreaming again, thought of working in the Central Bank.

For me it was like a dog with two tails for something in my life. As I was studying suddenly the news broke highlighting “cut-off which increased from 60 to 80 plus”. That moment was like an apple of discord. It’s very tough for general category to pass any kind of bar exams. I had given up for the second time.

Finding my passion

I have been thinking till the cows came home and finally went into teaching. For me, teaching was like the silver lining. I was just like the new  kid on the block very eager to learn, courageous to explore the whole new World, happy like an alien to visit different planets. Most importantly, I was so grateful to find my real passion, my zeal.

Dreams change

My allergies are getting severe every year and my doctor has been telling me to leave this field too. But I guess this time I will not compromise with my dream and am going to make it last till the very end. No one knows what’s in the future-I might have to leave this dream or maybe not. But hey, there will be new dreams again.

There is and there will be always new dreams for you. Sometimes everything seems to be fading away but you never know how and in which way your dreams may be disguised. Broaden your horizons so that you can find the dreams that you never thought were yours. Keep dreaming till your last breath as dreams make you feel alive every second of your life. Dream your way up!

Picture credit: Pixabay


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